Mega Kim Dotcom

Mega Kim Dotcom – New Version of Megaupload Launch

Finally Mega is open to the public. Mega’s public launch comes one year to the day since the US government shut down Dotcom’s MegaUpload. The new service will include mobile access, instant messaging and word-processing — similar to Dropbox — as well as hosting, email and domain-name services.

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Basic, non-paying users of the site will get 50GB of space to use. Premium users can choose between three tiers of storage: 500GB, 2TB and 4TB, which respectively cost $13.29, $26.59 and $39.90 per month.

Dotcom announced the opening of Mega from his Twitter feed, saying that the site had over 100,000 registered users in less that one hour.

You can register for yourself here. Do you plan to use Mega? Tell us what you think about it, below.

Mega Kim Dotcom



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