7 Great Ways To Make Money Online


7 Great Ways To Make Money Online

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Considering many of us spend a lot of time online these days, on our laptops, tablets, and smartphones, we may as well be making money while we are doing it. There are some great ways to do this, without the need to risk our hard earned money on gambling and betting sites

Here are some great ways you could make money as you spend time online.

Take an online survey

Many branded companies use sites such as Valued Opinions and Paidviewpoint, to gather research from consumers just like you. By spending a few minutes taking an online survey, telling the researcher what you think of a particular product, you can make a few extra dollars while possibly making a difference in the consumer market.

Being paid to shop

If you like shopping online, it is worth taking advantage of a website such as www.ebates.com who act as an affiliate for big name retailers such as Best Buy, Nordstrom, and Amazon. When you have registered with them, head over to one of the associated online stores. When you make a purchase, you will get money back from Ebates who will share their commission with you.

Search the web

You probably already spend countless hours searching the web for fluffy cat videos and such like. So why not make money for something you already do, with very little effort on your part. Qmee.com ask you to install their add-on into your browser, and when you click on a sponsored result from your search, you will get a small cash reward added into your Paypal account. There is nothing simpler.

Become a Deliveroo driver

Okay, so this option means you need to get out of the house, but if you are a smartphone user, and have a car, motorbike, or even bicycle, Deliveroo’s simple app on your phone will alert you when a local restaurant requires a takeaway pickup. Simply collect it, deliver it to the hungry customer and make a few dollars by doing so. You will need to buy your own insurance cover for any accidents you incur en route and don’t be tempted by the smell of the food and help yourself to the tasty meal.

Become an Uber driver

Similar to the idea listed above, only this time you become an on-demand driver for hire. By installing Uber’s app on your smartphone, you will be notified when somebody needs picking up in your local area.

Sell your stuff

Whether you make a business out of it, by selling art, for example, or you just need to get rid of a few belongings, use a website such as Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist to sell your wares.

Enter competitions

There is no guarantee you will win a competition, but there are a lot of them out there. They range from sites where you just click on an offer and get entered into a prize draw, to other places where you will need to use a little bit of brainpower when taking part.

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