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Busters by Yoon Ji Choi Overview

There are the two intolerable things about the summer : the heat and mosquitoes. Have you ever experienced boiling hot days and mosquito ridden nights while camping with the family or the sweetheart? Due to global warming, the world climate is gradually turning into a subtropical climate with high temperature and humidity. As humidity is rising, the vast number of mosquitoes is also increasing.

It results in more people in discomfort( and at potential risk to malaria ) Busters can resolve those problems. It is a convergence product to effectively cool during the sweltering heat and to deter mosquitoes later. First, pull the hook as long as you want. Then, you can hang it anywhere you desire. (for example, on a parasol, tent, terrace and so on.) If you want to store it away, pull the hook slightly and then let go of it. You also have the option not to use the hook. The user can use Busters anywhere. The front ring shape of the main body uses mosquito repellent incense. Unlike some other coils, Busters is used a natural aroma,is safe for humans.

When you don’t use it after summer, you can use it with aroma therapy. This is an essential, dual-purpose product for your comfortable summer indoor and out. It is designed to be equipped with portability, practicality and elegance in mind. Busters! Keep cool and bust those mosquitoes! Use Busters when you sleep or go camping and enjoy your life in peace and comfort.

Busters by Yoon Ji Choi Photos

Busters by Yoon Ji Choi Busters by Yoon Ji Choi Busters by Yoon Ji ChoiDesigner: Yoon Ji Choi for Spark Awards submission



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