Five Digital Marketing Skills to Focus on in the Next 48 Months


If you work in the world of digital marketing, you might have noticed that advertising and promotion methods are changing faster every year. If you would like to keep up to date with the changes, and deliver relevant services for your customers, you might need to set your priorities right. Below you will find a list of digital marketing skills you should be focusing on in the next two years to avoid being left behind the competition.

1. Infographics

One of the best ways of explaining complicated issues to customers is using infographics. While they have been around for a couple of years, you might still have things to master about them. You will need to invest in formal training or online education to become a professional who can follow a logical order and support their content with infographics, as well as explainer videos and articles.

2. Video Ad Creation

Social media marketing is likely to dominate the advertising field online for the next 48 months. This means that you will need to step up your game to remain competitive. Videos seem to be doing much better than images or simple text advertising on Facebook and Twitter. You need to learn how to use templates, colors, music, and speech to engage with the audience better, so you can deliver better results for your customers.

3. Presentation

If you work with business to business companies, you will need to learn how to create effective presentations to deliver important messages and improve brand awareness and image. You might need to check out online training resources on presentations and practice your skills on your own accounts before you would offer this service to clients. Explainer videos can be useful for engineering companies and law firms, while general businesses selling to the public can take a more laid back approach towards presentations.

4. Social Media Marketing

Five Digital Marketing Skills to Focus on in the Next 48 Months

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Social media ads have several benefits over pay-per-click advertising. While Google Adwords dominated the market for over a decade, social media marketing has now taken over. You must update your knowledge on the latest technologies and methods. Check out different ma education online resources and courses to find out which one gives you the best chance of becoming a social media expert.

5. Engaging Content Enhanced By Graphics

Five Digital Marketing Skills to Focus on in the Next 48 Months

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Digital marketing in 2018-19 is going to be about the variety of content, and there will be no “one size fits all” solutions. Graphics, videos, animations, sliders will all become an important part of companies’ digital marketing strategy. Your job as a marketing manager will be to find the perfect combination of text, images, comments, and infographics, alongside with videos to engage with the audience.

If you currently work in digital marketing, you might want to keep up with the changes to survive the competition. You must study the latest social media trends, check out the best tools for creating content and measuring results. After all, it is your responsibility to deliver more for clients and provide them with a higher return on investment in their digital marketing campaign than other companies.

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