Time-Killing Apps That Are Worth Your Time


When you’re bored or trying to avoid doing something else, you always turn to your phone. It’s the modern way; it’s what we do. But what happens when you’ve scrolled through Twitter and Facebook and are looking for the next thing to kill your time with? That’s when you need to head to the App Store and find something else capable of keeping you occupied and wasting your time. Here are the apps that are great for time-killing, and they’re all certainly worth your time.

The Bubble Wrap App

This is as simple and as satisfying as it sounds. When you download the bubble wrap app and start popping those bubbles, you’ll want to just keep doing it over and over again. It’s one of those simplistic things that just never gets boring, even though you know it should. It’s the perfect way to relieve some stress or anxiety.

Flow Free

This puzzle game is a lot of fun, and although it looks very simple and straightforward when you start playing, it quickly reveals itself to be more complex than you would have thought. Flow Free is all about joining coloured dots via squares on a board, but it’s the kind of game that you have to play for yourself to truly understand, so download it at the nearest opportunity. You’ll probably get addicted to it pretty quickly.

Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy is one of the all-time great game franchises, and now you can play a version of your game on your phone with Final Fantasy 15. If it’s been a while since you dipped into this franchise, this game offers the perfect way to get back into it. There is lots of fun to be had, and even if you’re new to the series, it’s still worth giving it a try because it pulls you in and takes up a lot of your time. So without further ado, let us play FF15!


Paperama is basically a way of indulging in some origami without ever having to touch a piece of paper. If you like the idea of folding things up and turning flat paper into new forms and shapes, this is certainly the app for you. You can create so many different things and the gameplay mechanics are smoother than you’d expect from this kind of game too.


If you want to spend your spare time on something genuinely beneficial and educational, why not learn a new language with the help of an app? It’s easier than it sounds thanks to DuoLingo. You can choose from a wealth of different apps and the lessons are more in-depth and comprehensive than you’d expect from a free to use app like this.

Time-Killing Apps That Are Worth Your Time

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We all experience times when we want to do nothing but kill time and have some mindless fun. The variety of apps discussed above will give you something to do no matter what mood you’re in, so download them and see which of them are right for you.

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