What Can Professional Spy Phone App Offer?


Looking for a way to hack someone’s phone but don’t know whom to trust and how to choose most suitable service? Learn how to distinguish the best spy app.

What makes spy services popular?

Spy products are a profitable domain on the market of software and are full of various propositions that making it hard to choose one. Sometimes, we all dream of becoming a real spy, but today everything is easier – you only should find reliable software and no one will be keeping secrets from you. What features are we looking for in spy products and what services are attracting new clients? First of all, we are looking for quality services provided by professionals and confidence that all collected information won’t be disclosed.

Among features provided by reliable spy phone app by Hoverwatch:

  • Tracking target cell’s location;
  • Recording of all calls. All records are usually saved on personal account available for monitoring 24/7;
  • Tracking SMS, MMS and other texts from chat services as WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype;
  • Monitoring social network messages;
  • SIM card change notification, unlocking or locking of the target cell;
  • Stealth mode of operation on the background, so user won’t find out about software’s presence;
  • Control over phone’s camera allows making shots at any time;
  • Internet browsing history shows whether your children visited inappropriate websites;
  • Tracking of all calls and video conversations, including Skype video calls and monitoring of all exchanged files;
  • Possibility to track up to 5 devices simultaneously;
  • Also, you have access to list of the contacts, calendar issues, reminders, notes, and GPS.

All these features ensure will keep the target device under your attention and you won’t miss anything important. One of the major benefits is that you can access your account at any time from any place. That makes this product perfect for monitoring children while on vacation and making sure your colleagues doing their best to improve productivity.

Customer support and compatibility

Present at the website FAQ section will answer all common questions, solve problems, issues that usually occur during registering, downloading and installing. At this section, it is also possible finding installation guides, tips and tricks, removal instructions and other important articles and guidance that beginners and proficient users might find handy.

It is very easy to start monitoring someone’s phone. All you have to do is creating a personal account, providing password and email, download and install required software. Don’t forget that you must have access to the target device to install an app.

Spy app is perfectly compatible with Android, Windows PC, Mac Computer. Don’t try install it on any other device without consulting a specialist. In this case, developer can’t guarantee the correct working of the spy app if installed on incompatible devices. It is vital to make sure your target cell matches the requirements of the application.

Pricing and refund policy

At your service there are several packages to choose from: for personal usage, for family and business, so, according to your needs you can choose the most suitable one taking into account offered features and price. Moreover, it is possible to try out the trial version of the product and only after making a decision.

The refund policy is also possible: within seven days you should contact the support team and claim money back.

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