Productivity in Your Palms: Android Apps to Spark Ideas and Inspiration


With the average American work week of 34.4 hours being one of the longest in the world, these gruellingly long hours would make anyone’s productivity shrivel. Whilst you have to abide by the specific working hours set out by your job contract, scientific research has consistently shown that shorter working hours would increase productivity and improve mental health.

But sometimes shorter hours just aren’t possible, especially if you have a family to take care of at home. A lack of productivity and motivation can result in a decline of both ideas and inspiration, often hugely detrimental when in the workplace. So, if you want to discover some simple Android apps specifically designed to boost your creative ideas and mindset, read on!


For team projects, there’s nothing worse than constantly having to flick through different email threads and separately speak to multiple people. This not only significantly decreases productivity but also creates frustration which can reduce overall ideas and inspiration for the actual work itself.

Asana is the answer to virtually all these problems and is available both on Android and iOS. Putting all your team’s conversation threads and tasks all in one convenient place, Asana allows you to easy keep on track, keep everyone updated and assign specific tasks and deadlines to different people. User-friendly and perfect for project work, Asana is a guaranteed productivity booster!

Productivity in Your Palms: Android Apps to Spark Ideas and Inspiration

Coloring Book for Me & Mandala

When people want to increase work productivity and come up with inspiration, they generally gravitate to work-specific apps and tasks to solve the problem. Whilst this may be effective some of the time, it can result in an even bigger mind-block, leaving you back to square one.

Taking on a different creative activity that’s a complete contrast to your work will not only allow your mind to escape from work stress but also encourage brand new ideas to come through. Coloring Book for Me & Mandala offers virtually unlimited coloring options with a variety of colors and designs to choose from. Unleashing your inner creativity is one of the best ways to induce new ideas and inspiration, and this app will certainly help you achieve that through its vibrant colors and therapeutic theme.


Getting distracted with interesting articles and links online is very common when trying to do work. Whilst it does decrease productivity, it would be a shame to sacrifice reading something you’re interested in just for the sake of getting back to work.

Everyone deserves a break now and again, and Pocket allows you to select and save specific articles, links, and pictures for viewing at a later time. So, even if they are sparking new ideas but taking up too much valuable time, Pocket allows you to save them all in one place so you can go back to them.

Staying productive can be tough, especially if you work long hours and struggle to take a break. But from team productivity to creative coloring, the above apps provide the perfect combination of productive inspiration-boosting activities!

Evan Dale is a wellness coach, a job he loves. He writes motivational and wellness articles for an online audience to share tips for leading and enjoying a happier life.

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