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Share Videos on Any Device, Anywhere?

Video conferencing has become a day-to-day norm for a lot of people across the globe, especially for those in the corporate scene. It has made physical business meetings a thing of the past, especially when the participants are scattered…

Designing Sites for Older Users

Older users from the Silent Generation or the Baby Boomers are seldom paid as much attention to as the now more numerous Generation Xers and Millennials. This doesn't mean that these generations are not shopping online. Instead, they are…

Alternatives to CAPTCHAs

If you have ever had to change an online password, or even sign up for an account, you have probably encountered a CAPTCHA at least once in your life. If not, then consider yourself lucky.

How POS Systems Can Change Commerce

The point of sale is the place where a purchase actually takes place and it is the most important part of the business model for most companies. POS technology has made it that much easier for a wide variety of companies that deal in…