Facebook Poke a December and January Card


Facebook poke a December and January card: the voice of Zuckerberg in your Messages.

Facebook released 3 weeks ago “Facebook Poke”, the new application, available for the moment only on iOS operating system, which allows you to send to all your friends an instant message (which you can insert into your message even photos and videos) that will automatically be destroyed a few seconds after the warning has been.

The Facebook’s decision to speed up the development of Facebook Poke was influenced by the possibility of using this messaging tool to send a New year card, using Facebook as a means of mobile communication and thus raising the social network in this field. Zuckemberg wants to do something similar with the Shopping Cart Software download system that he gave to the “Facebook Gift Collecter” in order to involve payments (let’s see the result)

Facebook Poke App

Some rumors have revealed that Zuckerberg would have written the same in his code that goes back a few years in the dormitory when the CEO of Harvard developed the most widely used social future platform in the world. The most important, however, has revealed that the Poke voice, which acts as a notification upon the receipt of a message, is that of Zuckerberg in person.

In short, the CEO of Facebook has returned to the field just before Christmas to boost its platform as a communication tool cabinet with Facebook Poke, after rumors had revealed the interest of Facebook for WhatsApp (a company which he bought after a week of negotiations. We’ll see if this application will get the success when it will be released for Android and Windows Phone, the same viral success that Facebook had with its “ 2012 Facebook Year Review” ( You can read about it here)

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