Are Print Magazines Obsolete


Is the age of print magazines in the past?

Many of us grew up with the excitement of waiting for the latest installment of our favorite magazine to hit the shelves of the supermarket. Now that there are so many online magazines, is this excitement destined to be just a distant memory? Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to just access the Internet than to actually have to go and physically buy a magazine.

The aim of this article is to take a look at the emergence of online magazines and their effect on the hard copy magazines we have traditionally been used to. Is there still a place for print magazines in the modern world?

How have online magazines affected the world of print?

There is no doubt that the growth of the Internet has led to an increased readership for online magazine content. Software is readily available which enables anyone to easily create high quality flipbook magazines. You can take a look at some of the best options for doing this at The use of this type of software means that there is an abundance of online magazines available.

This is in addition to the digital versions of traditional magazines; many of which are now more popular than their print counterparts. People enjoy being able to instantly access their favored magazine content, whether using a desktop at home or using a mobile device while on the move.

Is this the end for print?

Although the giants of print media have certainly streamlined as a result of the growth of digital media, there is still a place for printed magazines. There are still people who prefer to pick up a magazine from the newsstand on the way to work.

Print is also often the preferred format for niche magazines. It could be that the provider does not have the resources to provide regularly updated online content. It may be easier to invest in a small number of printed magazine copies for the niche readership. Many organizations also produce print copies of magazines to distribute at events.

The growth in popularity of online magazines has certainly changed the way we read forever. This does not mean that there will be no printed material in the future though.

Print magazines have certainly not disappeared from our lives, even though they may now be produced in smaller numbers. There is still a place for them within the world of magazines in general. There is still something special about the feel of turning paper pages.

That being said, the growth of online facilities, such as flipbook software, can only enhance the overall magazine reading experience. Readers can still turn pages, in a manner reminiscent of traditional magazine reading, but they also have access to additional experiences. These experiences can include audio and video content and links to supporting information.

In the future, we are likely to see further enhancements to digital magazine content, but it’s still unlikely to be the death knell for printed magazines.

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