Business Visibility Enhanced


Visibility is everything in business. If people don’t know you exist, then they won’t purchase from you at all. That is why you still see some of the most recognisable and biggest brands, that everybody knows about, still throwing millions at TV advertising. It all makes a huge difference. Whether online or in a physical sense, you need to make sure you are visable. It is really of the utmost importance that you get this right or your business could be dead in the water. These tips can help you succeed, you may have given some of them thought, but they can forge more ideas in your head to help you push on and be visible to those that matter most.

Online Visibility

This is a huge factor in today’s world. If you have any kind of presence online you need to make sure you are in some way visible. Some of this can be done by external agencies, but lots of it can actually be done yourself if you have the time to do so. For example, many new domain names have just been released, meaning you could tap into them and hit your key target market. Be clever and really try to put yourself in the customer’s’ shoes. You should also look at your keywords by using a service like google analytics. Check your website is getting the appropriate number of hits and if needed consider looking at some SEO to help you out. This will be more important if your website is solely based online, but if it is just part of your overall business if will be slightly less of a consideration.

Business Visibility Enhanced


Store Front

Your storefront needs to be super alluring. It needs to bring people in by standing out and showcasing what you offer. Image walking past two stores offering the same service. One has a great sign, clean and new. The other is grimey and dirty. Which will you go into? The answer is obvious. The dirt and grime gives you an indication regarding how the business is run, as such, you immediately liken the inside to the out. Don’t be like this. Ensure your storefront looks amazing. Get a great sign and even consider using video screens as advertising. Moving advertisement catches the eye more than its static counterpart.


You need to be aware of marketing. You have probably used it before, but think outside the box. Create some videos and post them online. Find some great email lists and use some email marketing. Remember not to forget old school marketing too. Look at parts of the city you have yet to tap into and post some flyers, place some posters. Walk around and engage with the people. If you own a food based business then take samples out. Someone may love your food and decide to stop by next time they are around. Visibility is everything. If you spend time focusing on it and have a quality product or service then the rest will follow suit in due course.

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