When Wifi Won’t Work


When Wifi Won't Work


It’s bizarre to think that only fifteen years ago, we were all still connecting to the internet via a cable. We had to situate our desks in strategic locations, always searching for an ethernet socket. If we’re honest, fifteen years ago, ethernet usage would have been a huge bonus– most of us were still stuck listening to that infamous dial-up noise.

In 2017, we don’t have to worry about being literally tethered to the wall anymore. Wifi is ubiquitous; not only in our homes, but in shops and businesses throughout the world. There’s no doubt that secure Wifi has freed us from the horrors of the cable, but there’s also no denying that sometimes, Wifi can be really finicky. We’ve all experienced that feeling of the Wifi being down, or struggling to get a consistent signal; the feeling is best described as “abject horror”.

So rather than plunging into a fit of rage the next time your home Wifi isn’t playing ball, it’s worth thinking through the common problems below. If you feel one of these might be at fault, then you’re halfway to fixing the problem already.

PROBLEM: Too Many Devices Attempting To Connect

If you live in a large family, Wifi was meant to be the innovation that freed everyone in your household from arguing about internet usage. Wifi meant that our homes didn’t have to be a warren of trailing wires, but instead a seamless, tech-perfect world where everyone could connect, on as many devices as they wanted, at any point.

Of course, that’s the idea– but the reality is rather different to that. If you’re with an inferior ISP, then for every new device that connects to your Wifi signal, the slower it might perform. That’s why you need to be careful, scrutinizing the fine print when you sign up for a contract. With the likes of this ISP, you should be able to connect up to 20 different devices to your network at the same time. With less robust ISPs, you might struggle if you try to use your smart TV and your cellphone at the same time.

PROBLEM: Interference From Other Devices

It may come as a surprise to learn that other devices — namely landline telephones — can interfere with your Wifi connection, or at the very least, slow it down to a crawl. If you don’t have a landline, which is becoming increasingly common, then you need to be careful of other so-called “smart” devices that might be slowing your system down. Your printer, your TV even in stand-by mode; they could all be interfering with the strength of the Wifi signal.

If you’ve checked these and they’re dormant, then there are a few other suspects that might be slowing your signal down. Check through these and ensure they’re not the cause of your issue.

PROBLEM: The Problem Isn’t The Wifi At All

If you are still experiencing problems with your Wifi connection, try busting out an old ethernet cable and establishing a wired connection. If you still have an issue with connection, it’s not the Wifi to blame at all– time to contact your ISP to figure out what’s wrong with your internet service.

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