Top 5: editors Instagram-type images


Many of us are aware that Instagram is used to apply filters to pictures which are very much liked by many users. We can blame this to the incredible popularity of Instagram and the huge number of users who have turned their phone with their artistic eye they see around them.

In case you did not know, Instagram is a mobile service only, so here we bring you a list of the top 5 PC applications that retain the simplicity and style of this unique service filters to images.

1 – Pixlr-o-matic


First, you have to define what you want retouched picture, which may come from your disk or your webcam.

Second, take your pick from the various filters lighting available.

Third, you must choose one of the masks that will add a range of stunning effects.

And finally, you can choose a frame according to your creation for a touch of unique distinction.

So, in a matter of minutes, your image collection will be radically different, thanks to Pixlr-o-matic.

2 – Perfect Effects

Perfect Effects

This will offer you not only the filters, masks and frames alternatives present in this list, it also provide editing engine much more accomplished and retailer that lets you tweak specific areas of your photo.

Furthermore, the possibility of using filters simultaneously, including all types of textures and the opportunity to expand the available effects through an extensive gallery official Perfect Effects which make it a difficult choice to beat.

3 – Pola


Lovers of ancient aesthetics, this is the application you want. Pola the name comes from the old Polaroid photographs, which are captured and printed at the time (with the addition of that peculiar white border). Well, this program lets you recreate that look exactly.

So, you just have to drag and drop an image into its interface, select the color filter, define the dimensions and make a few small adjustments and voila, you have your image as if you had taken with a camera 70.

4 – Polarfox


A couple of days right away told them talked about polarfox, Instagram type tool that focuses on making your photographs to become a festival of colors. As such, you can apply some of the predefined filters or adjust the various parameters manually.

Anyway, the greatest virtue of this application is related to its integration with online services like Facebook, Flickr and Picasa. Thus, after working your images with polarfox, one click will put them to all your friends.

5 – Easy Photo Effects

Easy Photo Effects

Are you in search of easier application of the list? Well you found it. Easy Photo Effects is that you do not complicate life with any kind of configuration: just upload the photo and add the effects you want from the interesting range available. Once complete, a button lets you export your creation to BMP or JPG.

Anyway, in case you want some manual adjustment, this application lets you tinker with your filters to find the aesthetics so much want.

Five different applications with different capabilities but with one goal: make your pictures a new dimension, more colorful and vivid. All of them will make your images vibrate in a special way, so be sure to try any.

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