The top HD 3D Android Mini Games


There are many games available for those looking for entertainment on Android gaming systems. HD had not only entered into televisions, but it also entered into your smartphones. The following are a list of five of the top 3D paid Android games that you can access on your mobile device.

Here are top 5 HD 3D games for your android phone.

1. Age of wind 2:

Age of wind 2

You don’t full fill the childish silly idea of being a caption of ship and experiencing the things what the caption of ship does. Then this game will make your silly idea come true. You be the caption of the ship and protect your ship from attack of pirates and you move on to island for trade. By trading and earning money you can buy weapons like guns, armor, to protect your ship better. Saving your game at any point and later resume it, attractive background sounds makes it very interesting.

2. Asteroid Defense 2:

Asteroid Defense 2

This game brings you an experience of traveling in space. Hundreds of meteors attack on earth and you will have a space station and asteroids to defend them. You get sun battery to get energy. You can use lazers, guns to defend them. You can build protection to your space station. You must mostly see that enemies don’t attack your central hub.

3. Lord Of Darkness:

Lord Of Darkness

What all you have to do in this game is escaping from the 100 level towers. To do that you have to bash, run away, hack earn some points and buy some news, tools, maps, that helps you into escape from the tower. The colors and the 3D effects used made the game very popular.

4. Muffin Knight:

Muffin Knight

This is a game gives you very interesting and funny visuals and fairytales character. Every player is given a map to travel and what all you have to do is collect the muffins without getting attacked and caught by the enemies. Every time you collect a muffin you will find a change in the color of your screen and the way you get attacked get denser.

5. Dude Perfect:

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect gives you an opportunity to become a master of thrown at a basketball into the ring with the help of tricks. This is the number 1 sports game on the Android Market. And today you can get it for free to see the functionality. The game is so good and received an overall rating of the press – 4.79 out of 5.

All these games are my recommendations to my favorite android lovers. I hope you like these games playing on your Android phones. Let me know if I miss any important apps. Don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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