Branching out: Third Party Cloud Storage


When it comes to dealing with sensitive files, companies need a secure and easy way of transferring them from person to person, and team to team. While previously this is where emails may have come in, increasingly companies are finding the ease of cloud storage a much more appealing option.

Because it allows the sharing of files without sending multiple emails, cloud storage cuts time and complication from business ventures. Fielding multiple emails from all employees involved in a project or pitch is never going to be easy, and often leads to multiple changes to one document, for example.


Allowing the updating of files constantly and ensuring the most up to date version is present whenever a change is made, files and folders can be easily correlated with all employees involved able to access them easily. With files being synced automatically for access from any computer, it’s quick and simple without the fuss of emails.

With the growth of popularity of cloud storage providers out there, it’s no surprise that keeping track of which service provider everybody is using can be difficult. This is why industry leader Egnyte is introducing third party sharing.

All for one

Thanks to Egnyte’s new service, data within other cloud sharing services – such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure and NetApp Storage GRID, can be accessed by Egnyte users. Now, there’s the option of additional space, easy compatibility between sharing parties and further access.

Without compromising user permissions already in place in the third party storage system, the service allows access to the right data and files to the right people without the need for creating another account with the third party providers.

Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain understands that users of cloud storage space have a lot of choice when it comes to file sharing providers.

“I often hear talk about the cloud as the be all, end all of technology; but it is only part of the solution.

“Businesses need a combination of choice and control – choice of local storage or type of cloud, and control over what files live where. Since not all files are the same, they cannot be treated in the same way,”

“It’s a fact that the overwhelming majority of companies use multiple on-premise storage vendors and at least one cloud storage provider. Egnyte has the only file sharing solution available to give enterprises the choice and control across their diverse storage environments.”

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