ONLINE Messaging SERVICE and the Logic Behind It!


Our medium of communicating with each other keeps changing with time and technological developments. In the past we relied on mediums such as letters, telephones and fax machines but now we prefer express services and sometimes less intrusive forms of communication like email or instant messenger.

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As people started to rely more on express services, on other hand the advent in internet has change the whole prospect of communication and have taken it to a brand new level. Nowadays people have so many options to connect with each other through various online portals like social media, instant messengers’ or VoIP services etc.

So, what is SMS?

SMS stands for Short Message Service, basically it is the common name for the technology which makes it possible for people to send and receive text messages via cell phones mostly or via websites offering SMS services. Since almost every one of us carry mobile phones, sending SMS’s continuously and engaging in lengthy conversations through it still costs us some precious Pinks!

So it’s always wise to have an alternative free text message option. And yes it is available to all via the internet. We can now stay more connected with our friends and family. This could also be the best option for people who have regular credit problems in their cell phones. It can be used for FREE as much as a user could, no strings attached!

How does it work?

Short Messaging SERVICE

The technology that let us to send text messages from our PC to mobile phones with GSM network compatibility is generally known as free online text messaging. While service providers might permit us to send free text messages to individuals, we might need to purchase by the messaging facilities if used for commercial purposes.

The World Wide Web basically operates via satellite connections and is passed on through fiber optic cables, and other highly advanced and sophisticated communication tools that make connecting to far flung places on other parts of the globe extremely easy.

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A subscriber can access any of these services, and send free text message to cell phones or any other portable devices, provided he or she has access to the internet. However, we would need to first subscribe and register under a specific service provider to avail such services.

Registration itself is quite a simple process, and can be completed in a handful of minutes. The registration is mainly based on sending a request to the service provider to include the mobile phone in their list. Any text messages sent from their portals can be broadcasted through those registered numbers.

Once the request is sent to the service provider for registering their mobile, the recipient will receive a very unique access code, which they need to punch in on the website to begin the process. Once the website authenticates the code, the user is all set send text messages online for free.


Messages can play a very functional role in expressing our mind. It is also the easiest and fastest way to communicate with our dear and near ones. Moreover, when we have an option to send free text messages by not spending a single dime on it, yeah why not!

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