Tips to Make the Most of Your Microsoft SkyDrive


Microsoft has finally released its cloud drive service by launching SkyDrive. So if you are using a Windows based phone or have a Microsoft account then you must have already got invitation to use SkyDrive. Similar to DropBox, Amazon Drive or Google Drive, SkyDrive is a bundle of advanced cloud storage possibilities.

All you need is a Hotmail or MSN account to access this Microsoft flagship cloud drive project which gives out 7GB initial free memory to all the users. Later one can extend the storage limit via paid subscriptions.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you are making the most out of your SkyDrive. Without fully reaping these benefits of skydrive, your experience will be incomplete.


1. Edit Sharing Options

While talking about the benefits of skydrive, the first point comes to mind is its file or folder sharing option. Now, when you share a file or folder, you can control the access level for people to whom it’s shared. Choose from 1) ‘View Only’, 2) ‘View and Edit’ and 3) ‘Public’ options and set access control for separate users.


2. Enable users’ comments

Like Google Doc or Excel Sheet, SkyDrive lets the users comment on the file or folder shared with them. Once again, you can choose ‘who can comment’ option. If you want the file a public access and need feedback of general public then it can be arranged accordingly.


3. Use it as your primary drive

If you prefer Windows Library to save your files and folders then you try and use SkyDrive. Sync all the Library files to your SkyDrive account and it will be accessible from anywhere on this earth. So you should not bother about not carrying your PC or laptop with you 24×7.


4. Enjoy remote access to files

This is considered to be one of the most interesting benefits of skydrive. No, it’s not about Library syncing. SkyDrive’s new feature lets you access your home PC without compromising with security. If you are away somewhere and you need a file which is saved on your PC’s desktop then SkyDrive can help you. But your home PC should be on and connected to internet with a running SkyDrive.

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5. View and edit files at a time

This particular benefit of SkyDrive may appear old for Google Drive users, but for the first time, Microsoft Office users will be able to create, view or edit a document or folder simultaneously. In fact, more than one user can perform tasks at the same time.

Microsoft SkyDrive


6. Sync your notes to SkyDrive automatically

Use Microsoft OneNote application and add notes, to-do-lists, tasks etc from smartphone or tablet. The app’s auto-sync feature lets users access the same notes from home PC as well.

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7. Be aware of Recycle Bin

We have probably discussed about most of the major benefits of skydrive. Just take care of file or folder deleting matter seriously. If you accidentally delete a file in SkyDrive, it will hold it to its online Recycle Bin for 1 month. So you can anytime undo the deletion. You can also revert back to an older version of the document. But try to keep a backup before you delete a document on SkyDrive.

  1. Zaheer Abbas says

    Hello Jason, you provided useful information for the newbies of SkyDrive. I am very old user of this and love to use SkyDrive than the other online storage companies.

  2. Alex says

    User friendly, bundle of features and loads of benefits: Just like the rest of Microsoft products. Thanks for sharing these tips as well!!!

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