Think You Know What It’s Like To Be A Developer? You’d Be Surprised


Think You Know What It's Like To Be A Developer? You'd Be Surprised

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What do you imagine when you try to think of a guy or girl working as a software developer or programmer? Probably, someone staring at a computer screen, typing code furiously on a keyboard for hours on end. But if that’s your impression, you are way off. While we’re sure there are some coders who are stuck in front of a computer screen, others have incredible lives. You might be surprised at just what could await you on the career path of a software developer.


Earlier this year, there were multiple rumors and even photos of the Nintendo NX. Immediately, people started losing their minds because it looked ridiculous. Even though it was a complete absurd out of this world creation, gamers believed it was the real deal. They believed it because they know that somewhere out there people have their hands on the NX. Software developers and coders do because they need to get programs ready for the system. That means they get to play with the console before anyone else. They get to test out the games, and they know exactly what the rest of us are in store for next year.

It’s not just gamers. Coders were the first people to see the VR headsets that have just been released and witness their full power. They are, to this day, the only ones who were allowed to buy Google Glass. A product that will probably never be officially released. In short, developers see a side of the world that is a complete mystery to the rest of us.

Creating A New World

You could create an entirely new world as a software developer. This has been achieved multiple times, with something as simple as an SPI programmer kit. If you know how to work and understand software and technology like this, you can create anything. Absolutely anything you want to achieve in the digital world is possible if you have the knowledge. This is why and how people on programs like Minecraft can create entire universes. The only limit as a coder, developer or programmer is your imagination. It is the only time where the phrase ‘nothing is impossible’ actually makes sense.

Riches And Glory

Do you know how much the person who invented candy crush is worth? The answer is billions. That guy could buy your home one thousand times over. You might think that it’s difficult to reach that level of wealth. Well, it’s not if you know how to code or develop software. You can create an app for virtually zero costs and sell it on. If it’s popular, you’ll soon be making millions. You won’t even need to work; you can retire at 21! It sounds like a dream, but for many software developers, it’s their reality.

Run The World

On average, we check our phones one hundred times per day. Every industry relies on tech, software, and programs to function. So, if you are working to create these programs and software, you’re not just delivering a product. You’re shaping what the world is and what people spend their lives doing. Essentially, you’re part of the team that runs the show now.

I hope you see now that a career as a developer is anything but dull and monotonous.

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