Wedding dress industry trends for 2017

Many of the industry experts selling designer wedding dresses are predicting big things for 2017 with a distinct trend for the avant-garde that will really make brides stand out.

For one thing, celebrities have a big influence on wedding dress styles and one of the first things to note, from the catwalk shows of 2016, is that brides will be looking pretty in pastels.

A growing number of brides will break with tradition and opt for bridal gowns in pastel colours and those who really do want to break with the past, then trousers will become an ever-growing feature in bridal fashions.

Another trend for 2017 when it comes to bridal wear became apparent in New York and that’s for wedding dresses to become distinctly shorter with the likes of Oscar de la Renta and Temperley London showing some very stylish above the knee wedding dresses.

Brides looking for something different will also get to enjoy the opportunity of ‘subtle shirting’ with bridal gowns that feature buttoned shirts though brides who like a more traditional design will get to enjoy high necklines and haute halters.

However, for fashion fans everywhere it looks like wedding dress designs in 2017 will mark a distinct turning point with the growing popularity of chic caplets and cheeky cut-outs to really show off the bride’s form.

Indeed, there’s distinct lack of meringues as brides look towards more non-traditional styles, particularly the Boho style along with trouser suits and off the shoulder wedding dresses. Even jumpsuits made an appearance on the catwalks so the trends will not be following the trends of years gone by.

There is still, however, a strong showing for elegance with low back dresses, much favoured by celebrities, and a trend for plunging necklines, which look great with a subtle necklace.

Along with trouser suits and jumpsuits for those brides who dare to bare there’s also an impressive list of designers offering sheer wedding dresses that reveal lots more skin than traditional wedding dresses have done in the past and also those that are completely sheer to reveal the bride’s underwear.

Just one last thing about the trends for wedding dresses in 2017 and that’s bows; bows in all shapes and sizes have been making an appearance on the collections being shown in London and New York so those attending weddings in 2017 should be prepared for an eclectic mix of styles that are not just trendy but also great fashion.


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