Shoto App for iOS and Android: Shoot, Edit and Share Your Photo Easily


There are several photography apps designed to help you shoot, edit and share the images that you capture with your smartphone or tablet.

But, most photography app only offer single photo sharing, that means posting the most recent image on your camera rool.

We here on Inspired Magazine share a lot of images everyday to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and we only have the option to share most recent images with our readers.

Shoto Photography App

But with new app called Shoto for iOS and Android, you can automatically stores all of the photos that you shoot during a particularly moment and organizes them all into accessible albums.

According to TheNextWeb, Shoto do this by analyzing the GPS data and the time stamp attributed to each image. Any images that being shoot will be analyze and automatically group them together.

Unlike services such as Foursquare, the app automates this process from start to finish. You don’t need to check-in anywhere to create a new album, or manually set the time and distance parameters in order to trick the app into creating a new ‘moment’.

You just shoot as normal, save the photos to your Camera Roll or Gallery and Shoto will take care of the rest.

Image Credit: HDR Photo/ShutterStock

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