How to: Secure the data in your device with iCloud


How can you secure your data in iPhone? Or how can you trace the iPhone that you have lost? Can you access the iPhone stored information from any of the other devices like iPad or Mac? If these are your questions, then it is a yes and all these can be done by iCloud.

iCloud stores all your data and helps you manage the data that you have stored by controlling your device’s backup.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is a cloud storage service from Apple that was introduced in 2011. Actually, iCloud being developed as an updated version to MobileMe, the storage service which was introduced by Apple in the year 2008.

With iCloud you can store your data, photos and documents securely on iPhone, Mac and iPad and access the data from any of these devices. iCloud gives a default storage of 5GB.

How does iCloud work?

iCloud stores all your contacts, messages, photos etc., So this will help you maintain your information securely and allows you to access require data at anytime from anywhere.

To use iCloud you need to have an iTune mail id and device running on iOS 5.

Unlike MobileMe, an email address is optional in an iCloud account, user can use the existing iCloud Apple ID or choose another one. Once if your account is created in iCloud, data will be stored on all the iOS devices allowing you to access the information from all the devices. Thus, iCloud is a storage and sync between your devices.

How to make use of iCloud

As mentioned above, you can store your photos, contacts and trace your mobile with iCloud. Just have a look how can you make use of iCloud.

Photo Stream:

You can store around 1000 photos in iCloud using photo stream feature. With this feature all the photos that were taken in any of the device are automatically uploaded to iCloud and allows you to see from you iPad, Mac or Apple TV. All the photos that were uploaded will remain still until they are replaced with the new ones.

Find My iPhone:

This feature protects your missing device. It might happen that you lost your mobile or misplace it somewhere and forget the place, but need not worry about that anymore as “Find My iPhone” can get your mobile back to you. You can lock the missing device with a four-digit pass code not allowing anyone to access the information in your mobile. Your device will keep track of the position where it is when you missed and possess a report of that. You can see at any time from your Find My Device app.

Update iTunes

With iCloud it is simple to sync the music on your iTunes with all the devices. iCloud allows its users to automatically sync the songs that were purchased on iTunes with other compatible devices. Whenever you bought music in iTunes it gets automatically uploaded in iCloud and synced with all the devices that are using iCloud.

iCloud also provides you with the list of apps that were bought in iTunes and allows you to install them in other compatible devices without any charges.

With your backup feature turned on, all the devices (iPad, Mac, iPhone) will automatically backup photos, books, music to iCloud over Wi-Fi.

Hence your information is secured with iCloud.

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