Five Best Communication Android Apps


Android smartphones can take advantage of several communication application designed for everything from reading communication tags to swapping business cards with another communication compatible device. Download one or more of these popular Android apps to your Android smartphone and start seeing how communication apps can benefit you and make everyday tasks a little easier.

Here is a list of 5 best communication Android apps.

1. Spotbros


Spotbros is a great application in mobile devices for messaging among the great variety of options. This application is developed in Spain and has recently been updated to a new version with some pretty interesting features as a new design that makes everything go smoother and structure based on three pillars – “My Chats” and “News Feeds”. With Spotbros you can also send and receive all types of multimedia content in private and group chats. In summary, application messaging and social network with a neat interface and fluid, in addition to a hallmark with Spots.


2. WordLens


WordLens offers us the opportunity to translate what we want (from the available languages) into our language through the camera of the device. For example, if this is a sign that it is written in a language that we have no idea, we will draw our mobile, we will take a photo and the application will automatically translate text instantly, so you do not have to open the Google Translate manually to enter text.


3. Epistle

Epistle - Five Best Communication Android Apps

Epistle here will allow us to take notes quickly and easily which synchronize well with our Dropbox account. Once we have given permission to access our Dropbox account these notes are saved in TXT format in a folder. Other interesting features of this application include the ability to share the notes that are created or modify those notes from any device then automatically synchronize it.


4. Shuffle my Life

Shuffle my Life

With Shuffle My Life we can use those dead hours doing something other than what we are used to , because this application is going to be proposing things to do in a short time, so it’s ideal if you do not know how to fill voids in the agenda. Once we can propose a random activity that we find as very simple task or something more complex. It will surely serve as motivation to start and keep in constant motion.


5. Vire Launcher

Vire Launcher

Personalization is one of the things I like about Android, an example of this is the large number of Launchers to choose from and today we speak of Vire Launcher. This application is the desire of the developers to have a launcher with the characteristics that define the most, in addition to those things that were not successful with other launchers and it also includes new features such as powerful, fluid and colorful 3D effects regardless of the range of a terminal.


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