A Quick Guide To Finding Your Dream Home


You are almost always filled with high hopes when if you’re looking for your dream home, a place your family will enjoy for many long years.

Although you might be able to instantly recognize your ideal home the minute you see it, your real estate agent will need some factual information. The more concrete your description, the easier it will be for them to show you homes that will suit your expectations.

With that in mind, here are 3 steps you, as a potential home buyer, might want to consider when deciding on your dream home:

First, start with the big picture.

Before you even begin thinking about the neighborhood, you should get a big picture idea of your ideal environment. It’s essential that you find a place that resonates with your ideals. For instance, when it comes to natural settings, some people love the ocean while others prefer the mountains. If you’re looking for a seaside community, you might want to look at La Jolla real estate in Southern California. 

Alternatively, if you love the mountains, you might want to look at Boulder real estate in Colorado. Then, of course, your idea of a perfect environment may have nothing to do with nature. You may be more interested in lifestyle, preferring the fast-paced big city life of Los Angeles or New York or an exciting environment for high-tech startups like Silicon Valley.

Second, narrow your vision down to think about the neighborhood.

When it comes to neighborhoods, do you want a secluded place or one with all the amenities of a bustling city? Do you want to live in a small town or a metropolitan area? Do you prefer the suburbs or are you looking for a neighborhood in the heart of the big city. Whatever your idea of a “good” neighborhood, take the time to visit the areas you’re interested in living. Go to the local restaurants, shopping centers, and parks. Walk through the town or city center.

Third, hone in on the details of the home itself.

Now that you’ve decided on the environment and neighborhood, it’s time to focus in on the house itself.

You will want to think about the following things:

  • ·  The features of the house.
  • ·  The location and size of the lot.
  • ·  The age of the property.
  • ·  The style of the house.
  • ·  The space you will need.
  • ·  The right price range.

Deciding on Your Dream House

  1. The features of the house: Make a long list of the ideal features you would like to have in your house. For ideas, take open house tours, and browse magazines about homes like Traditional Home Magazine, Architectural Digest Magazine, or HGTV Magazine. Also, browse websites related to homes. In addition, just daydream about what you like to do when you’re home.
  2. The location and size of the lot: Only too often people are so focused on the house that they don’t even think about the lot. Do you love to garden? Do you want a big backyard for your kids to play? Do you want to have a view of the ocean or the mountains?
  3. The age of the property: Age will make a difference. An older home may have more old world charm, but it will require more maintenance work. A modern home will have features like large closets and master bathrooms and will require less maintenance, but it will also be more utilitarian, not romantic.
  4. The style of the house: The style of the house could be considered as either a lifestyle choice or the architectural style. It’s important that you find a style that suits your personality. For instance, a single home will let you customize the property; a condo will offer you many shared amenities, like a jacuzzi and swimming pool; and a Victorian home will offer plenty of old world charm.
  5. The space you’ll need: The right amount of space will depend on the size of your family. If you don’t have children, then you’ll end up paying for space that you don’t need. Conversely, if you do have children and pets, a small space might feel confining. Another thing to consider when it comes to space is the layout. For instance, not all 2,000 square foot homes have a similar layout. One might have a large living and dining area with smaller bedrooms while another might have a modest living and dining area but spacious bedrooms. If you love hosting family holidays and throwing parties, then the house with the larger living and dining area might be more appealing. Conversely, you may not entertain as much and would prefer to have more bedroom space.
  6. The right price range. There are so many variables when it comes to price. You don’t want to stretch your budget too far just keeping up with the monthly mortgage. Besides putting a down payment and paying for the mortgage, you will also have to think about taxes, utilities, association fees, and other miscellaneous costs of owning a property.

Enjoy the Process

With so many details to think about it can become overwhelming, but if you focus on thinking of your search for your dream home as some type of adventure, then you will relish poring over the details.

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