Does Your Personality Match Your Job?


When it comes to finding a job, the first thing people look at is the salary and benefits. But salary and benefits don’t guarantee that a particular job will be the right fit for you. As a result, many job seekers are now looking to find jobs that actually fit their personality.

This process, however, is easier said than done. Knowing exactly what type of career would fit your personality is a tough task. Here we are going to discuss the major personality types and the types of jobs that they are most suited to.

You Are An Introvert

An introvert is somebody who doesn’t need the attention of others in order to make themselves feel good. In fact, introverts often need time by themselves to recuperate. They often have a small number of close friends who they invest in deeply, and only interact with people outside of their circle when they have to.

Does Your Personality Match Your Job?


It’s a good idea, therefore, to ask yourself what type of person you are. Do you generally like to get on and do your thing by yourself? Or do you actively seek out human company? If you are happy doing your own thing, then a career in accountancy or IT or computer programming could be right up your street.

If you want to go into accountancy, you’ll need to crush the CFA exam. But the good news is that many careers for introverts are actually quite easy to get into, especially in the software field.

Introverts do best in situations where interactions with coworkers and clients are at a minimum. Jobs where this is the case usually involve tasks that are high technical and specialised.

You Are An Extrovert

An extrovert tends to be, in general, a person who is more interested in their physical world than they are with their own feelings. A typical people person is somebody who seeks out interactions with other people and finds it uncomfortable when these interactions are not readily available.

Does Your Personality Match Your Job?

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Extroverts, therefore, should look for jobs where they are in constant contact with other people. Jobs in human resources or public relations, as well as jobs that require lots of socializing while at work, are ideal for these types of people. Because extroverts tend to understand other people very well, they are also well-suited to jobs in merchandising and marketing. These jobs often require that workers go out and meet clients to do deals, meeting their needs for human interaction in the process.

Extroverts who like to talk all day long are also well-suited to customer service roles. Even simple jobs like working in a call centre can be fulfilling for people who crave human interaction. Other jobs include working in hotels and in restaurants where you are constantly on the front line looking after other people.

You Love Spending Time With Family

Some people are more family oriented than others. If you love spending time with family, don’t choose a job like hedge fund manager, where you are required to be in the office for 80 hours plus every week. If you want to spend a lot of time with family is it a good idea to choose jobs that are flexible. These include things like becoming a nutritionist, speech therapist, counselor, tutor, or even a self-employed contractor.

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