3 Clever Ways to Make the Most of a Small House


There’s no other time of year when you’re made more painfully aware of how little space your home has than Christmas.

It’s difficult enough for the other 11 months, even with you and the kids performing a perfectly choreographed routine to skip around each other on hectic weekday mornings.

But squeezing in a tree, a dining table big enough to seat 12 people and a handful of family members determined to stay the night during the festive season requires military-precision planning and organisation.

It’s no wonder the mere thought of Christmas day fills you will anxiety.

And yet moping around feeling sorry for yourself as you imagine your house being completely taken over on the 24th of December isn’t going to help.

Making a few key changes, on the other hand, will have you enjoying an entire 12 months of spacious, stress-free living.

With this in mind, we’ve got the lowdown on three clever ways to make the most of your compact family home.

#1: add more room

Relocation is too expensive, adding an extension is impossible when your garden doesn’t even have enough scope to fit in a shed and the loft is where you hide all the junk that doesn’t belong downstairs – basically, trying to figure out how to physically create more space has you flummoxed.

But there’s one stylish option you haven’t considered yet. A mezzanine floor will slot seamlessly into your living room or hallway – the professionals at Invicta will be able to tell you the best spot for placing it – and give you a whole other level to play around with.

#2: simplify with extra storage

The first thing you realise living in a small home is that there’s no allowance for being messy – and if you don’t learn it yourself, then hearing your partner violently curse your name as they trip over your clumsily discarded shoes for the umpteenth time will soon have the message sinking in.

Limit arguments and hazards by taking advantage of various clever storage solutions available, from simply placing plenty of coat hooks by the front door to investing in James Bond-esque coffee tables with hidden bookshelves.

3 Clever Ways to Make the Most of a Small House

#3: create the illusion of space

It’s not how much room you have but what you do with it that’s important. Besides embracing minimalist chic and operating a strict clutter-free regime, there are plenty of interior decorating hacks for creating the illusion of more space.

The easiest strategy is to keep colours neutral – you can always add interest with accessories or patterned pillows – and let as much natural light in as possible for a breezier atmosphere. You can also brighten up the house with light-coloured window dressings and clever mirror placements.

Get started on these three steps now and by Christmas you’ll be happy to welcome the entire family to your beautifully transformed home!

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