4 Ways to Modernize Your Bedroom’s Look and Feel



All too often, we treat our bedrooms as second-class because they’re not a communal space in the home. We use their private nature as an excuse to slack off on the design scheme, figuring that since nobody else will be seeing it, there’s no point in going the extra mile of decorating it. But in the end, you’re only shortchanging yourself.

What’s the first thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning? Is it a hand-me-down dresser with one drawer stuck closed? The same reading lamp you’ve been using since college? A chair in the corner that’s actually improved by all the clothes and clutter piled on top of it?

If your bedroom is tired, so are you. You deserve a serene space with great flow and usability. Start with these four ideas for modernizing the look and feel of your bedroom:


Play with Geometry

Modern design is perfect for the bedroom because the end goals go hand-in-hand: a clean, simple, unencumbered space where you can rest comfortably and reflect. Your furniture has a lot to do with creating this mood. It’s important to think of all the pieces in your room in conversation with one another and to use geometry to your advantage.

If you have an ornate, traditional headboard next to a retro nightstand with a contemporary dresser a few feet away, there’s no continuity. It will be hard to breathe and unwind in this hectic space. Instead, search for pieces that express the same modern style. You’ll know by their minimalistic approach to design: clean corners, smooth planes and natural materials.

Spruce Up the Staples

The bed is the undeniable focal point of your room. Are your bedframe and headboard doing all they can to exude composure and poise? Look for modern bedroom furniture that upholds the geometric principles we discussed before. Your headboard, bedside table and dresser should all be square or rectangular in nature, composed of earthy woods and metallic accents.

More traditional bedrooms tend to be full of frills, ornate curves and mismatched pieces. While that works in some spaces, it’s the antithesis of modern design, which emphasizes form and function over needless ornamentation. Think about what you can take away and what you can’t live without: a bed, a nightstand, a lamp, a dresser. Then make sure each staple is the best that it can be.

4 Ways to Modernize Your Bedroom's Look and Feel

Add a Mirror

A mirror is a quick way to lighten up the feel of your bedroom. It will also come in handy when you’re evaluating your outfit before heading out for the day. When you open up the blinds, a mirror functions almost as well as another window, reflecting light and adding a dash of natural energy in the room. By placing your mirror across from your windows, you will harness the power of reflection. Try a formidable, floor-length mirror propped in the corner like designer Lori Dennis for HGTV. Another idea is hanging a rounded mirror above a rectangular dresser to play with contrast.

4 Ways to Modernize Your Bedroom's Look and Feel

Mix ‘n’ Match Patterns

While you want your furniture to achieve a sort of Zen uniformity, your fabrics can trend toward playful and eclectic. While you’ll want to stick mostly to neutral, earthy tones throughout the room, you can still experiment with patterns in your bedspread, sheets, rug, throw pillows and even upholstery. Try to incorporate a few bright solids peppered with repeated geometric patterns, nature prints or vintage designs, such as a paisley. Have some fun in this department!

Borrowing your bedroom inspiration from modern design is a great way to intentionally improve your space. Design for utter simplicity and you can’t go wrong. Instead of just using your bed for sleeping or your dresser for grabbing clothes, you’ll start to notice yourself lingering and even lounging in your refreshed room.

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