Renters Woes? 7 Brilliant Apartment Decorating Tips


While you may wish for a home of your own where you can move walls and add beams, odds are that your apartment setting will have to do until you’ve secured the proper funds for a down payment. But even though you’re experiencing the typical renter woes, there are still ways you can add your own unique touches. The following are 7 brilliant decorating tips that will make your digs feel luxurious.

Enhance Your Personality

Whether you’re handy or not, looking after a home takes a lot of money, hard work and patience. Apartment living may not be your prime option at the moment, but there are genius ways that you can brighten your current living space until you’re prepared for a home of your own. If your apartment kitchen cabinets are boring and have zero personality, you can add your own colorful elements to your setting. Look for treasures that are cohesive such as framed artwork and sculptures. Place greenery on top of cabinets or countertops. Instead of a typical vase, choose a planter that meshes with your decorating scheme. You can also go bold by selecting a base in butter yellow or turquoise. Kitchen towels, placemats and cloth napkins can also liven up your room when you go with loud patterns or bold colors.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Texture or Color

If you’re landlord has restrictions on painting your dwelling, you still have choices when decorating your apartment. To balance beige walls, pick up a colorful loveseat or accent chair to create luxury. Whether you choose solid colors, cowhide, woven or something patterned, area rugs can hide blemishes on your wood floors or carpet. You can use electric branding irons on cowhide to permanently mark a name, logo or customize your artwork. The unique and timeless impressions can be used to personalize your living room, bedroom, kitchen or office setting.

DIY Tiny Closet Space

Unless you’re living in an apartment on Park Avenue, closet space can be limited. You may even find yourself without a closet altogether. Fortunately, there are DIY solutions to your wardrobe problems. Whether you choose to house your belongings in a living room, bedroom or other apartment nook, you can design a boutique atmosphere using garment racks and decorative hangers. End tables or a small armoire can finish off the look and provide you with extra storage for accessories such as shoes, belts, jewelry and scarves.

Look For a Dwelling with Good Bones

Decorating may not be your thing. But you can still have a unique look to your apartment setting by choosing a place with good bones. Older places may have quirky details such as stained glass, vaulted ceilings, crown molding and a fireplace with a mantle. With the primary construction already complete, all you need to add are some last minute accent pieces such as candle sticks, vases full of fresh flowers, throws and colorful pillows.

Design an Illusion

Apartments come in a variety of sizes. While you may not have wished to live in a shoebox, your budget may deem otherwise. But you can still incorporate exciting design trends into a tiny apartment. There are ways to design an illusion when space is limited. Oversized mirrors reflect more than light. They can also make you think that you’re living in the Taj Mahal. If you find mirrors boring, choose something with an ornate or colorful frame.

Add Additional Storage

Adding too much furniture can make your apartment look cramped and cluttered. If you need to add extra storage, and you don’t have room for desks or tables, try mounting shelves to your walls. Floating shelves fit anywhere, and they are easy to install. You can also match the units to your decorating style. If you choose to put them up in the living room, the shelving units are ideal for books, travel knickknacks, framed artwork and candles. Bathroom shelves can house toiletries, towels and other essentials.

Choose Less Costly Pieces

Although you want to decorate your current living space and make it inviting, you know that you’re not going to live there forever. Furniture that fits perfectly in your bedroom or living room may not be suited to your next home. When you’re shopping for your apartment, invest in pieces that look good, but they’re less costly. If you’re looking to brighten up a bathroom, a patterned shower curtain is a cheap find that adds loads of character.

Having your own place to call home can be exciting. But just because your apartment is less than spacious doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. The above decorating ideas will show you how to add character without having to spend a fortune.

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