What Professions Actively Use Video Conferencing?


Imagine sitting in your home office, a local café or your dining table, you can even be having your vacations, sitting on a beach chair with a cocktail in your hand and still do business online. Surprisingly, 94% of workers think that they would work better from home, according to GAN Conferencing. Besides this, 95% of working professionals think that face to face communication improves communications. By deploying video conferencing solutions, 95% can experience face to face communication from any location, without any need for travel. The invention of video conferencing proves its usefulness and cost-effectiveness in many ways allowing you to conduct your business from wherever you choose it to be.

There was a time when we couldn’t get the best service possible, be it from any professions; doctors, tutors, financial consultants or even musicians, we were once limited by geography. But the invention of video conferencing has made our options virtually limitless. The perceived benefits of working from home have enabled clients to hire top talent individuals with no local geographic limits. With such advancement and growth, it has been predicted by 2015, 50% of video conference calls will be from the mobile medium.

Verbal communication only counts for 35% of all communication. In order to truly understand and relate to each other, we need to be able to see facial expressions.This is the reason why there are many occasions when picking up the phone just won’t do. It’s also proven physiologically, the things that we hear and see together stay longer in our memory than the ones, we only hear or only see.  Video conferencing enables face-to-face communication without any need for physical propinquity.

Video Conferencing, like the one offered by Blue Jeans Network, has become a mainstay in companies of all sizes as well as government agencies, healthcare organizations, and various educational institutions around the world. For businesses that are looking to reduce travel expenses and increase productivity and foster stronger, connected relationships among colleagues, clients and vendors, high-definition video collaboration is the answer. Now, a wide range of occupations are using webcams to make their tasks more convenient and effective.

Ways Small Businesses save Money with Video Conferencing

Hiring managers

The usage of video conferencing has led companies vetting candidates via video conferencing. Using virtual software saves money from traveling and also allows the client to witness productivity of great talents rather than witness their presence. A strategic group of HR personnel can conduct video interviews and select the best talent to join the workplace. This makes video conferencing an effective method to hire employees without spending time on traveling.

Music teachers

Video conferencing software makes it much easier to find music teachers who specialize in less common instruments. Through visual communication, teachers can still watch the students’ posture, hand positioning and other important elements of learning an instrument, and with good quality audio.


Most video tutoring also involves video conference software that enables teachers and students to share documents and exchange notes. The students can also repeat any class of their choice if they missed any important lectures or want to take notes.


A 2011 study by Manhattan Research found that 7 percent of physicians are using video conferencing to communicate with their patients. Doctors nowadays use video conferencing to see operations online and guide the surgeons through the process.

Customer service

Many companies already offer ‘video chat rooms’ where customers can instantly connect to representatives who can guide them and answer them to their respective questions.

Personal shoppers

The retail site Land’s End is among the first to offer virtual personal shoppers that can demonstrate product features and details, offering even more information about a product than a customer could get by handling the product in person. That way, shoppers can feel comfortable participating in the video chats, even if they’re in their pajamas or sweat pants.

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Financial consultants

Some banks are beginning to offer online consultancy services via webcam to their customers, and independent financial consultants may follow suit. Many of management meetings can be held through video conferencing.You can maintain good relations with the office wherever you are.

Child care

While hands-on care is still a necessity, webcams have helped parents and child care providers keep an eye on kids if they have to run out of the room for a few minutes. Nowadays, day care centers allow parents to still ‘keep an eye on them’ when they are at work.

The Bottom Line

Video Conferencing provided by various companies like Blue Jeans Network is the benefit, among others, that have helped this technology soar to new heights and fundamentally transform the modern business world, and it will continue to grow.We are living in a smartphone age in which mobile devices are increasingly chosen over standard PCs. As mobile technology continues to improve, more people will be using their smartphones for video conference calls.

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