How to Increase Customer Engagement on Ecommerce Website


“Customer Engagement” is a term that known by many with a lot of names and it can be use for various purposes. Some called it “the name of conversation marketing” and other use other fancy term for it. But in the end the thing is all related to customer engagement.


Engagement is a word that has always been related to foreign policies. It is basically an activity that makes the clients interact with brands. It can be considered as a limited definition that describes the important and main aspect of customer engagement.

In this article, we want to highlight several method to increase customer engagement on Ecommerce websites. Make sure your read it through and let us know what you think in comment section below.


There are several ways to increase customer engagement on the e-commerce website. Below is what you can do.

Ecommerce Social Website

You can boost your customer engagement by incorporating the elements present in famous social website in your webpage. As we all know that social media is about sharing and connecting. All you need to do is select the elements depending upon the behavior of the visitors and incorporate those elements in your webpage.

Setting up a blog

A blog can act as a refreshing edition, while on the other side an e-commerce website can be very hard to sell because it is full of images as well as product descriptions. A blog that is neglected is going to have a negative effect on the customer engagement.

Enabling Customer to Contribute 

Social media website has taught us the fact that the customers do have a voice as well as them also wants to get heard. Customers can contribute to your website or blog in various forms by commenting on your blogs, with the help of ratings and by giving their personal reviews on various products etc. In addition to that cross post contribution to the personal social accounts of customer’s results in increasing the engagement level.


Allowing the customers to visit E-commerce websites and then converting the site to MyE-commerce websites is what the customer empowerment really is. There are two modes by which it takes place:

  • Personalization Initiated by Customer – In this kind, the customer accesses some kind of a preferences page, and chooses settings that control the way the ecommerce website appears to that customer. There will be very less customers who will be willing to change the default settings of your website. However this customer can be your best customers as they have invested their precious time in looking and adjustment of your website according to their personal preference.
  • Automated Personalization – Depending upon the click stream of the customer, behavior or history, or the modification of the website appearance and user interface.


We are present in an era where we need to run fast and stay at the same place in the same time and the race of e-trade has started looking like a treadmill. Customer engagement is a perfect example that illustrated this. The things which were once an option to customer engagement have now become a necessity.

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