Have a More Effective Business Meeting Using Multiple Screens


When you are having a business meeting, it is all about seeing the people you are talking to and interacting with. This is most easily done in person, but the modern office has evolved to a point where it is not always possible to have everyone in the same place. Even when all of your employees are in the same office, you might have to bring in clients or outside sources to the meeting. It is possible to accomplish all of this without putting everyone in the same physical place thanks to video conferencing. To assure you can see and be seen by everyone in the meeting, you should use multiple screens.

When you are using multiple screens for business video conferencing, there are a few ways to accomplish it. You can use several equally sized screens, one or more large screens and multiple smaller screens. It is up to you and what will work best for the kinds of business meetings you are planning. You can have full discussions with the people who are on the conference call without any confusion about tone or intent. You will get more done without having to identify who is talking or understand what they are trying to say. As a result, many businesses have been making video conferencing an integral part of the professional meeting, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Multiple Screens of Equal Size

One of the quickest ways to set up business video conferencing is to use multiple screens of equal size. This is difficult on smaller screens, but if you are using a large room system, you will easily be able to see everyone on the screen. The best way to make this work is to highlight the person who is talking. Voice recognition and broadcasting systems make this kind of identification possible. If you are having a meeting in which several people will be collaboratively talking about a subject, this kind of screen system works well.

One Large and Multiple Smaller Screens

If there is one main speaker for a meeting, you may want to use a large screen with smaller screens below, beside or around it. This way, the main focus is on the person speaking rather than those in attendance at the meeting. This kind of business video conferencing is also great when a speaker is giving a presentation. Everyone in the meeting can see the presentation with little or no problems. If the meeting is featuring multiple speakers, it is a good idea to use a controller to shift who appears on the large screen. The person who is on the main screen will most likely see everyone else in multiple screens of the same size.

Multiple Large Screens

If there is going to be more than one important speaker, it is best to have more than one large screen. When there are two people running a meeting, business video conferencing can be used to put them at the top of the screen. Each of the main speakers will see the other on a large screen on their end, with the rest of the people in the meeting on smaller screens. This makes it possible for everyone to have their focus on the people running the meeting while allowing the meeting leaders to see the entire audience. It is the most efficient way to run a meeting when you cannot be in the same room as the others. This is why so many businesses have already installed and used video conferencing equipment.

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