3D Printing Systems: The extraordinary capabilities of 3D printers


3D Printing Systems are evolving

Throughout history, many technologies have gained worldwide attention by providing new possibilities that were previously unthinkable. From the birth of aviation to augmented reality, some innovations are simply impossible to miss out on, and are seen to permanently change the way our world works. The printer ink store, Cartridge Link give us a quick insight on what to expect.

What do 3D printers allow us to do?

The establishment of 3D printing has been one such invention, promising to change the way we view the printing solutions industry for decades to come. Since the first signs of this brilliant new technology emerged, the industry’s biggest companies have made headlines around the world by exploiting the possibilities of 3D printing systems.

3D printers allow people, whether expert developers or casual users, to produce near perfect working replicas of pre designed concepts. This ranges from technological structures to large prototypes, on a different range of materials and through the use of various software applications. Here we run through the full extent of the technology so far and some of the extraordinary results of current developments on the 3D printing platform.

Who are the pioneers?

There are pioneers in all aspects of the 3D industry ranging from already major companies to independent researchers with a vision, looking to make a difference with the newly available technology. For example, this revolutionary iPhone case from independent designer Janne Kyttanen has been innovatively created to include a credit card holder, creating a buzz for the possibilities of 3D printing amongst the accessories market.

Because many 3D printing systems can print 3D structures which are near perfect to their original design, the fashion industry has also taken a keen interest in the industry with the new possibilities presented by 3D. Fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen worked with design company Freedom of Creation to make this pair of 3D printed high heels, made out of laser sintered nylon. Due to the nature of 3D printing systems, designs like these can be printed accurately in different colours, leading to major implications for 3D printing in the worldwide fashion market.

Which industries will benefit the most?

Whilst many designers and developers alike have created extraordinary items in the accessories and fashion industry with 3D, the systems have gained the largest amount of attention when applied to the scientific and healthcare industry. Fully functioning prosthetics can now be printed out using 3D systems, with remarkably accurate results. This means that patients around the world can be provided with print-outs that are tailored specifically to them and their injuries.

In the automotive industry, engineers have used 3D printers to create early prototypes of their future concept cars, again with extraordinary accuracy. Honda recently made headlines when they offered up five different print-outs of their cars available for purchase from their website, including the FSR concept and the Kiwami.

As you can see, all of the world’s biggest international companies, as well as visionary designers, are turning their hand to the newly developed 3D printing systems. It’s beginning to show that the possibilities of 3D are permanently changing the nature of the printing solutions market. It’s unsure just what we will see in the coming years from this revolutionary new technology, but the chances are it could, quite literally, change the shape of our planet forever.

Featured Image Credit: Keyboard with Print Button/ShutterStock

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