Branching Out: 3 Reasons To Get A Custom Mobile App For Your Business


The smartphone app revolution is here! Creating a custom app for your business is the buzz these days. But does it really make sense in your industry and more importantly, will it pay off as an investment? Get the latest scoop on why a custom mobile app is a great way to gain business exposure and connect with customers.

Regardless of the nature or the industry, mobile apps are quickly becoming a major part of every business. Consumers too have made them a major part of their lives; thousands of apps are downloaded every day – it’s almost like an addiction in some ways. 35% of mobile owners in the US use some sort of a mobile app even before getting out of their bed, according to a report.

Despite this great potential, 45 percent of businesses do not have a mobile app or a mobile website, says Econsultancy. These businesses are missing the moment in the spotlight.

If you’re among them, or still undecided about getting a custom mobile app for your business, here are four reasons why it is likely to pay off as an investment.

1. Apps drive sales

Apps help businesses to increase sales by allowing customers to make quick purchases regardless of their location; there’s no need to visit a storefront or even sit in front of a desktop to make purchases. Millward Brown Digital says people who shop from their smartphones visit more retail sites than those shopping from their PCs, and mobile users also utilize social media sites and search engines more than PC shoppers.

It’s hardly a surprise that consumers who have convenience in accessing your services or products are likely to buy more. Several businesses realize the notion and are using mobile apps to drive sales. For example, ShopRite users its mobile app to let customers add and view weekly sales items in their shopping lists. Starbucks lets people pay directly with their smartphones through its app, which in turn generates sales.

2. Apps engage customers

Kony app development indicates that businesses should be condiering both enterprise and customer-focused apps. If you’re looking to gain business exposure in the consumer market; custom customer apps will help in driving quick adoption and engaging customers with personalized experiences across different channels and devices, including tablets, smartphones, and phablets, according to Kony.

Apps also engage customers by driving relevant content for your business – whether that implies plus size shopping tips, or travel advice – an app can make your business appear as an authority in your industry. Features like promo codes and push notifications further help in engaging customers like never before.

3. Apps give you a competitive edge

In case you’re the first business in your competitive segment to utilize a custom mobile app, then you’re going to be the business everybody is recollecting. The mobile app could also make you the trend-setter in your niche, while in any case you’ll be procuring the profits of impulse purchase by selling to people where they already are.

The app can also be a huge differentiator for your brand if it’s in a non-digital field. For example, if you’re a gardener, an app that lets homeowners get a quick quote of your services will be lifting you above competitors.

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