Work Can Be Fun with Vacation Clubs


As the global economic climate is beginning to regain strength, people are again incorporating vacation travel into their budget plans.

For travelers that appreciate assistance with travel planning and reservations, or for those who prefer trusting all phases of the trip planning process to experienced professionals, vacation clubs are becoming more and more popular.

Royal Holiday, a worldwide vacation club, is an example of one such club, an industry leader in the vacation club market, assisting more than 100,000 people planning their vacations.

Vacation clubs operate with structured membership levels. Members choose a membership level that corresponds with their budget and travel preferences. Corresponding vacation destinations and lengths of stay are clearly defined in each level’s package. Varied perks and benefits are offered at each membership level.

Depending on the level and scope of individual vacation club operations, clubs can range from regional operations to multi-national and international operations, spanning their business across all continents.

As is the case with most every industry that is customer driven, outstanding customer service provided by company employees is at a premium, the driving force that can be the determining factor in whether the company fails or prospers. And vacation club employees are certainly no exception in this case.

Vacation clubs offer a wide variety of different employment positions with their companies, some of which include:

  • Customer Service- Require individuals with telephone and Internet skills. Troubleshooting member problems and helping to find solutions through chat on the website or over the telephone. This is a fast-paced job that relies heavily on multitasking responsibilities.
  • Human Resources- Personnel find, manage, and retain employees. Jobs in HR range in focus from recruitment to internal communication and payroll. Personnel must be adept at handling varied data, and be prepared to make recommendations regarding company processes.
  • Comptroller- Involves maintaining budgeting procedures and financial compliance for the company. Typically, positions are available at both the company level and for an entire region. Will work with employees and executives to find the best ways to ensure strong financial results.
  • Marketing- Much of this position requires remote on-site recruitment of potential club members as well as lead generation. Entry-level positions require a flexible schedule.
  • Sales- Making positive connections with people, pursuant to sales membership. Will involve sales presentations in front of groups. Can involve telemarketing and/or travel. Need to be interactive, analytical, and take initiative.
  • Support- Employees perform back-office tasks ranging in responsibility to assist in smooth, efficient operations. Responsibilities may include reviewing and uploading contracts to Web-based databases, and charging member credit cards, analysis of charge data, and report coordination. Data analysis, computer skills, and knowledge of basic credit card operational procedures required.
  • Purchasing- Entry-level to High Level. Involves negotiation, inventory tracking, purchasing decisions, and related responsibilities.

Vacation club jobs are typically fast-paced, busy, and challenging. What with the nature of the changing world, though, jobs prove to be interesting, challenging, and keep employees on top of ever changing trends and customer preferences, things that never get old.

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