How To Easily Remain Important In A Changing Business

Whether you’re old or young, sometimes business structures will end up pushing you out. The concept of redundancy is simple. You are now surplus to requirements. For a the business’ standpoint, it’s a legitimate avenue to take. For you, it’s a job loss. So how can you avoid this redundancy? By remaining important to the business. In bigger businesses, it can be harder to prove your worth, but in smaller ones you have a real shot. Here’s how you can keep with the times, and keep your job.

How To Easily Remain Important In A Changing Business

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Problem Solving

Position yourself as the problem solver of the office. If you have the adequate experience, you can help less experienced staff with their problems. While this can be time-consuming and not strictly in your job remit, that’s exactly what will keep you from being redundant in a business environment. You create a dependency on your knowledge. Helping people out is its own reward, but this way you can go the extra mile and make yourself an essential part of the office. Just make sure higher management are aware of your extra duties. Never let it get in the way of you finishing your work either. Failure to complete work on time or in the right amounts may also be cause for your redundancy.

Improve Your Skills

It could be the skillset of the business is changing. You need to change with it to keep pace. Computers are where most of the changes are coming. Getting up to date with the workings of the software and hardware of your business computers is essential. Visit for more information about taking a computing course. Even if you only need to brush up on the basics, improving your skills can make you more helpful and more valuable to the business.


Dedication to the business or the work is your choice here. As the dedication to the business is harder to quantify, you need to dedicate yourself to the work. This means putting in extra hours sometimes. Paid or not, when you go the extra mile to get more work done it will be appreciated. Dedication to the work isn’t exactly quantity or quality. Ideally an employer wants both. Realistically there is only so far you can stretch yourself with this, but you should push your limits. The further you go to creating a better class of work results, the more important you will be to the business.


A lot of businesses rely on teamwork to function. It’s your duty to play a part of that team. Not being a team player can give grounds to make you redundant. Even if you aren’t the most personable to others, try to embody the spirit of teamwork in at least a professional context. Work with others. Help them. Let them help you. Share information, and teach each other new things.

Try all of these things, and at least one of them will stick. Then you be so essential to the business they’ll not dare make you redundant. Climb the career ladder from there, and you’ll find yourself a safe spot.

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