How To Rescue Your Computer From Ransomware


How To Rescue Your Computer From Ransomware

Nowadays, virus and malware are becoming trickier, and this is why developers are very cautious in their work. They make use of smart apps like azure and other similar apps in order to ease their job.

However, developers acknowledge some azure web app limitations. Nevertheless, the real challenge is when annoying programs like ransomware have already invaded their computer.

If you experience strange changes in the settings of your computer without remembering you did anything to change it in the past, you should check whether or not a program (virus) has already penetrated your computer.

The worst thing is when you can’t use your computer any more. If this is the case, your computer is probably infected with ransomware.

How To Rescue Your Computer From Ransomware

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that will disable features of your computer and will ask you to pay a fee in order to restore the computer functions. In essence, a person has taken your computer hostage and won’t fix it until a monetary sum has been paid.

Types of Ransomware

There are three types of ransomware, which are:


Scareware is a fake antivirus or anti-malware app that scans your computer and will show you that some threats have been found. The scareware will indicate how dangerous the threats are, and they must be removed immediately.

The tricky part is that the scareware will only recommend you to upgrade or purchase a certain special program that can remove them. The scareware will also tell you that the problem will become worse anytime if you don’t upgrade immediately.

Nevertheless, this is easy to remove. All you need to do is to restart your computer and turn it to Safe Mode. Afterward, scan your computer with a free malware program or your antivirus scanner.

Lock-Screen Viruses

Lock-screen viruses work like scareware in the sense that they will scare you by locking your computer screen and will display a window that says you violated a law, so you will be charged a fine. The window also displays a logo of FBI or the Department of Justice.

Don’t worry about this as you can simply remove it by rebooting your computer and quickly pressing F8 repeatedly. The Advance Option will show you “Select Repair Your Computer,” and press Enter.

Afterward, select the system restore option. Your computer will be restored to its previous configuration without affecting your personal files.


This type of ransomware works like the lock-screen viruses, but instead of locking the screen, it locks your personal files until you pay. Sometimes, it hides your files and their shortcuts.

In this situation, there’s nothing to worry about it. Even if you failed to have backed up your files, you can recover them.

To fix this, restart your computer, and click alt and select tools. Choose folder option, then the view tab. Select show hidden files, folders, and drives. After that, click OK.

Open the file explorer and go to C:\Users\. Open the folder that has your computer account name, and right-click every folder that is hidden. Select properties and uncheck hidden attribute, and then, click OK. You have now recovered the files.


Your computer is vulnerable to ransomware if you keep on downloading antivirus programs or cleaning tools that are not trusted. It’s also difficult to depend on reviews because there are also fake reviews of antivirus published by developers of such programs. To be safe, it is recommended you use only the brands that are known by many users unless you are techie enough to get rid of ransomware.

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