Not Your Typical 9-5 Business Ideas


For some folks, getting ready in the morning is the favourite part of their day. They love nothing better than brushing and styling their hair, putting on their best shirt, and brushing the lint off of their tailored jacket before they step out the door. In high shine polished brogues, of course. But for other of us, we yearn to make our fortune in a less traditional way. Luckily there are quite a few options on how to do this, so read on for some suggestions of business you can start that don’t require working an in office, or wearing a suit.

Sandwich shop

So, if you are all in favour of dropping the shirt and tie combo, why not consider going into business for yourself as a sandwich shop owner?

These are great startup businesses because they can usually be run out of small premises, which keep the overheads low. You also don’t need too much specialist training. Although you will need your hygiene qualifications and a flair for flavours if you are going to be a success!

Not Your Typical 9-5 Business Ideas

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Car Repair Business

Another business option that you can consider if you are more of the get involved, hands dirty type of person is a car repair business. Folks always have cars, and unfortunately for them, they will; at some point break down or need fixing, and that is where you come in.

Not Your Typical 9-5 Business Ideas

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You can even run this sort of business from you home, as long as you have the space and the right motor trader insurance. You’ll want the road risk one, available from companies like One Sure Insurance, in case you are wondering!

Ebay Retailing

Now you might just think of online auction sites as a way to offload a bit of old tat that you no longer want anymore. But some folks do this day in day out for a living and do pretty well out of it too!

But what to sell? Well, anything that there is a market for really, as long as it adheres to eBay selling policies.

I’ve heard of some folks doing very well out of fashion items like shoes. As well as preloved clothes. Disclaimer: However, if you get to the point where you have to attend meetings with suppliers you may, gasp have to wear a suit, or at least something smart for up to half a day!!!!

Not Your Typical 9-5 Business Ideas


Furniture Reupholstering

Now, this one may seem a little out there. But bare with me. We all have soft furnishings in our home, right, and sometimes they get damaged or start to show signs of wear? But they are expensive things, and folks don’t always want to replace them with new. That means they need to get reupholstered.

Reupholstering furniture is quite a skill, and you may need to apprentice or take a course before you start to charge for your time. Although it can be a great business to run, as there is fairly steady customer demand, and you can set your times and terms of work for yourself.

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