Let Go And Move Ahead


If you are a dynamic business leader you probably have difficulty letting go.  This hands on approach after all is what got your business to where it is today.  Having too tight a grip on the reigns though can be damaging to a business as it prevents fresh ideas and talent to emerge and drive your business forward in a whole new way.  If you are finding that your business is failing to move with the times the best course of action is to simply step back and do nothing.  This might sound like a sure fire way of your business heading for bankruptcy but there really are benefits to doing less. Here are just some of them.

Let Go And Move Ahead

Letting go to move your business forward by justquitthing.com

You aren’t an expert at everything

You might think you know everything about your business and that you are the best person to run it but are you really good at everything that your business needs for it to grow and thrive? You might be able to manage it but can you find the best suppliers and know where to get the best level of candidates for new positions? Are you an expert in online optimization or social media marketing? There might be people within your company that have these skills that are not being allowed to reach their full potential because of your inability to delegate and let go.  Likewise there might be skills gaps within your company that you are trying to fill which should only really be filled with a professional.  SEO is a great example of where something very important to your company’s ability to compete online is often left to chance.  Unless you are fully confident and competent in maximizing your business profile through SEO you should seek out the professionals. You can find out more on this SEO expert page.

The next generation of management

If you want your business to outlive your professional life then you need to start investing in raw talent now so that you can leave your baby in good hands when you decide to retire.  Letting go allows others to step forward and learn new skills to develop and sharpen their management capabilities.  You can use the time you used to spend doing things to mentor and help talented individuals reach their potential.  You will not only get a great sense of satisfaction from this but you will also be confident in the ability of your management team to lead your business forward.

Focus on what you are good at

With a good management team in place and the desire to want to run or do everything abated you will suddenly find the time to work out what you are really good at and how that can benefit the business moving forward. A focussed business leader often spots potential challenges and opportunities well in advance and can steer their teams through them with a clear head. There is a reason your business has got this far and now is the time to rediscover this and use it to make it even more of a success. This focus will also give you more time and with more time comes the opportunity to expand interests and explore new ideas both inside and outside of the business. With your energy renewed by more time and focus you will naturally be a better leader and will inspire a more productive team.

The bigger picture

Another benefit of doing less is that it gives you a bigger picture view of your business. It is tempting to get so carried away with the day to day tasks of management that a look ahead or at the company as a whole feels way too big for you to tackle. However successful business regularly take this big picture view in order to stay a step ahead of the competition. You need it in your business to review current strategy, growth plans, the market and your competitors, new technology and advances that might impact your product or service, and suppliers and networks both in terms of where efficiencies can be made and new projects developed.  Seeing the whole picture and not just individual pieces will help you to build a better future for your company.

Reduce chaos

One of the biggest problems businesses face is having too much to do and not enough time.  This can lead to mistakes happening and the feeling of disorganization and chaos.  Often what feels like a system error is actually being led from the top. Your team look to you for direction on how to manage their time and energy.  By stepping back and taking a considered look at things you are inviting each of them to do the same thing in their role and see where improvements can and should be made. The ability to take stock at a company level often leads to new processes, systems and ways of doing things that reduce time and  potentially improve customer service or profitability. If you inspire a culture of delegation and consideration you will feel the benefits at every level of the company.

Customer satisfaction

What starts with you can end up with your customers. If you are clearer and more focussed this is reflected within your company and ultimately in the way your customers respond to your brand.  If your customers feel that you are listening to them and responding clearly and with thought you will build brand loyalty which is key in today’s competitive marketplace. You can only instill confidence in your customer if you feel confident yourself, which isn’t possible if you don’t’ have time to really understand how it is you can and do add value.  What began with you wanting to be a better manager has ended up with a better business model and customer satisfaction.  So sitting back and doing nothing might sound at odds with good business management but it might just be the thing you and your business needs.

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