Marketing Your Android Mobile App – Surefire Tips to Boost Visibility


If you come across any tech investor and ask him which the hottest area in the market is today, they’ll definitely name the mobile. Increasingly large numbers of people own a smartphone than ever before. The Google Android app store has approximately 1 million apps and you’ll be rather surprised to know that there are about 20,000 apps which are added to the list every month. If you make a sum total, you will see that there have already been 50 billion downloads of various apps. So, it is needless to mention that it is a huge market with a huge user-base both for Android and iOS.

Now the biggest issue that the Android developers face is that they’re not marketers but techies and if you wish to promote your Android app and boost its visibility, you either have to get hold of a professional marketer or know some techniques by yourself. This article will share with you some tips that you can leverage in order to create a buzz about the latest app which you’ve created. Remember that word-to-mouth marketing is the biggest form of marketing in this field and hence you have to be careful about making your app rock solid.


  • Provide users the opportunity to install apps directly through Facebook ads


After much research and survey, it has been seen that the best way in which you can get a large number of installations is by using paid medium of advertising like Facebook ads. Facebook has got a feature where it allows app advertisements both for iOS and Android and you can target your audience depending on certain factors like location, age, mobile OS and many others. It will be even better if you have an email list which you can use to target your ad to a specific list. To know more you can visit the Facebook ads page and start off.


  • Make sure your Android app is fully complete before submitting it for marketing


Even before you submit the recently developed app to the Android market with high hopes of marketing, you have to ensure that the application is complete. Does it have a user-friendly interface which the users will love? Don’t ever commit the blunder of submitting an app which is half done as that will not only immediately lower your ratings but will also eliminate your plan for good. When the users rate your app higher initially, Google Play’s algorithm will also take it higher.


  • Submit to more than accounts as that maximizes participation


Did you know before reading this post that there is more than one store where you can submit your Android app? Yes, among them Google PlayStore is definitely the most famous one but there are some other stores too like Amazon app store which is also a good one. It is not that you have to always market your app from scratch but you just have to know where to place them exactly. Appbrain, slidetheme, Getjar, mobogenie are some of the other places to market your app.


  • Promote your Android app through reviews in review sites


The key to building a user base for your app is effective promotion; nobody will purchase your app unless you endorse it in the right way. Therefore, marketing your Android app is equally vital as creating one. One of the best ways of promoting your app is through reviews and content. There are websites that offer paid reviews and for the paid option, you have to target some specific audience.

If you’re well aware of the latest Android news, you will know that there brand new apps hitting the market every other day. If you’re an Android developer, follow the tips mentioned above to market your apps and increase their visibility.

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