How Gaming Companies Are Revolutionizing Entertainment Software


Countless innovations are being made in entertainment software that are making gaming far more interactive, enjoyable and accessible. From bringing toys to life to incorporating streaming services that let players watch other gamers battle each other, the top entertainment companies are revolutionizing the way that digital play is experienced. Following are several recent gaming developments that are radically altering the gaming industry.

How Gaming Companies Are Revolutionizing Entertainment Software

Alpha Versions For Early Testing

The days of beta testing in the gaming industry may soon be gone. Game developers are new experimenting with the sale of alpha versions of their products that allow players to get firsthand looks at future programs and to test for bugs themselves. Not only does this drop the overhead for game designers by limiting the amount of in-house testing that must be performed, but it also allows for a wholly user-driven design process, particularly during the latter stages of design and cleanup.

Free Games In Unexpected Places

Blizzard Entertainment was once accused of having hit his peak. With the success of their last major video game waning, however, Bobby Kotick, the companies CEO, tried something unique and opted to release a free game. This game led to unprecedented success, greater awareness and increased revenue through paid upgrades. Surprisingly, this method of development has caught on and many companies that formerly offered only for-pay games are radically expanding their inventories with free and highly successful mobile apps.

The Invention Of Strategy Games That Support Multiple Languages

Although gaming is equally loved all across the world, gaming enthusiasts face a number language barriers when it comes to competing with overseas opponents that often limit their enjoyment. This common problems also diminishes the overall marketability of otherwise, highly desirable products. Now, however, companies are creating games that are capable of supporting up to 33 languages. This new software allows for real-time communication between two players, even if they don’t speak the same language.

iOS Games That Control Real-Life, Miniature Race Cars

Most gaming enthusiasts also love their toys. Now players can combine two of their favorite activities with cutting-edge software that brings tiny, race cars to life and can control their every move. Rather than racing cars on a flat screen while navigating over or around a number of virtual obstacles, gamers can run their toys on real and tangible tracks and can negotiate the very real challenges that these tracks present. Best of all, these cars can be kept on course with their attached, Infrared lights and cameras.

High-Interest Games For Learning

With the goal of inciting interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), gaming companies are producing a number of cutting-edge programs that effectively fuse learning and fun across all age groups. Kids and teens hardly recognize that they’re learning at all as they use basic resources to build structures, weapons and other essentials for surviving the challenges of virtual worlds. Entertainment companies across the globe are turning out countless options in learning software that are just as competitive, high-stakes and high-energy as many of the most popularly and well-respected games out there.

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