Breathe Easy in Summer [Infographic]


Summer is a time for keeping the air outside and inside your house firmly separated. While the temperature outside swelters and the humidity soars, inside you’re cool and comfortable thanks to your AC’s power. The humidity outside doesn’t just make you uncomfortable; it’s also a major culprit in harming your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). On top of that, many everyday activities like playing with your pets and cleaning (yes, cleaning!) can further harm your IAQ. So while you’re staying cool this summer, take steps to keep the air in your home clean as well.

Indoor pollutants come from many sources. Thankfully, you’ve got many options for improving your IAQ and reducing those pesky indoor pollutants. In fact, you can do something about the IAQ in every room of your house, from using non-toxic kitchen cleaners to cleaning the soap scum out of your bathroom. Your HVAC system is responsible for your IAQ as well, and having an HVAC technician in to check everything out is another great step to take.

If you’re tempted to get an air purifier, make sure it’s not the kind that emits ozone. Ozone is harmful to microorganisms, sure, but at the expense of your overall health. It’s almost very important to make sure to change your air filter regularly, vacuum frequently, and brush your pets to control summer shedding. Check out this infographic below published by Malek Service for a complete list of IAQ solutions you can employ in your home during the summer and all year round.

Breathe Easy in Summer

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