Does Your Business Accept Credit Card Payments?


Running a business online is something you should be very proud of.  However, there are always ways that you can take your company to the next level.  Whether this is by making more sales, taking on more staff, or even getting some free time to yourself, these are all things to aspire to.  Regarding sales: if your business does not currently accept credit card payments, you could be missing out.

According to a recent infographic by the online MBA degree department at Rutgers Online, $214 billion was spent via credit card mobile payments in 2015.  This is a huge market that you could be missing out on.  While Stripe and PayPal are convenient alternatives, not every potential customer will have accounts with these providers, and this could be causing them to shop elsewhere.

You can find out more in the infographic below.

Does Your Business Accept Credit Card Payments?

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