Don’t Stir Up Trouble With Your Tech


Tech is certainly changing the way businesses operate in the world and it’s not always good news. For every potential increase in profit there’s the possibility of disaster. Business owners need to rethink the way they use tech if they want to stay out of trouble and here’s why that’s important.

Trigger Fingers

If you’re marketing online or working online you need to make sure you’re not saying anything that could trigger clients and customers. You’d be surprised by what could offend people online these days. For instance, recently a company came under fire online for portraying the Easter bunny as a hetrosexual male. You need to look at your content from every angle before you release it.

Data Disaster

You must make sure that you are protecting customer and business data online. If you don’t, you might damage your business reputation and cause a lack of trust in your company. Some business customers may decide not to buy from your company due to the fact that that you lose their information. There is tech and software available that provides people with an extra layer of protection when necessary.

Avoiding Conflicts

You must make sure that you are avoiding conflicts in the office environment and believe it or not, tech can cause them. Experts believe this is due to the fact that tech reduces human interactions dramatically. Due to this, people are not able to resolve conflict and anonymity online makes the situation even worse. You can find out more about this type of trouble in the infographic below.

Credit to Abilene Christian University

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