Ran Out Of Space? How To Select New Business Premises


If you’re running out of space at your premises, it proves one thing. Your business is growing! That’s a positive point to note, although that now leaves you with one problem. You need to move somewhere bigger! Many business owners have a long debate with themselves over whether they need to move or not.

Those that ask themselves the question usually need to find somewhere bigger. Yes, that means paying more money for the extra space. But, the upshot is that your increased growth will fund the expenses!

In today’s blog post, I will share with you some tips on how you can get the best value for money. After all; you don’t want to end up paying more money for your new premises than you need to!

Ran Out Of Space? How To Select New Business Premises

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Choose the best location for your needs

First of all, you need to decide where you wish to move. It makes sense to move to a location near to your existing base. First of all, your employees won’t need to travel much further. Second, you’ll still be in a recognisable area. And, third, your moving costs won’t be so big.

I recommend looking at places in industrial estates and business parks. You need to move to an area that is business-centric. If you’re a manufacturer, you don’t want to move to an area where you’ll cause noise for homeowners.

View several shortlisted properties

Next, you should view more than one possible location for your new premises. After all; you’d do the same if you were house-hunting, for instance! It’s crucial that you select a location that feels right. It must offer the right infrastructure for your needs and be accessible.

Avoid places that need extensive renovation. Many property owners make commercial tenants cover such costs, believe it or not!

Ensure the local area offers the right facilities for your needs

For a start, you’ll need to be close to a post office. You should also consider premises near to hotel and dining facilities. Last, but not least, think about a site that is by a major road.

Ran Out Of Space? How To Select New Business Premises

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The latter is quite important if you receive goods deliveries on a regular basis. Truck drivers don’t like negotiating narrow country lanes if they can help it!

Calculate your moving costs

Some people assume they only have to pay for a removal company when they move their business. But, there are other costs to consider too. For example, you’ll need to provide a lease deposit for your new landlord.

And then there is the cost of renovation. You’ll need to adapt the premises to better suit your needs. One example is fitting a new racking system in the warehouse. Another might be fitting new carpets in the office area.

Prepare for the big day

The final thing and perhaps the most important is to prepare for your moving day. Sure, that means packing everything up into boxes. But, there is an array of tasks to tick off your checklist before then.

First of all, you’ll need to inform utility companies about your move. You must also arrange the transfer of your phone lines and Internet access.

Last, but not least, you will need to inform your customers and suppliers of your move! Yes, there’s a lot of work ahead of you. But, if you take a methodical approach to moving, it won’t be a stressful experience. Thanks for reading today’s article!

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