Best Travel Insurance Tips for Globetrotter


Bora Bora Island

Next vacation you want a lavish holiday in Bora Bora, located in the Pacific Ocean. You may also plan a day sailing on a luxury yacht, diving or experience other water activities there. What you don’t want is any sort of disaster on this vacation. No theft, lost or damage should happen. But who can guarantee that, especially when you are out in a foreign land, or at least not in your home town.

So you need to be a bit cautious. But sometimes this caution does not make any difference when danger has to come. So the ultimate solution is to insure your travel plan to ensure maximum security and fewer headaches. Go to Google and you will find at least a dozen of insurance companies offering amazing travel insurance packages.

But hold on a few seconds. Do they offer what you need? Are they going to support you if you face any trouble during your vacation? Or are they just going to cheat you with their hidden clauses?

Be aware while choosing a travel insurance plan for your next vacation. Here are some of the best travel insurance tips for you, your family and friends.

Best Travel Insurance Tips for Globetrotters

Best Travel Insurance Tips for Globetrotter

Insure what is worthy: Don’t try to insure each and every trip you are going to make. If it’s just a 200km away destination that hardly costs around $200, you don’t need to pay $300 to insure it. Rather opt for insurance when it’s a big continental tour to another sphere of the globe.

Choose the right options from given list: There are different types of travel insurance like trip cancellation, flight insurance, lost belongings, medical coverage or evacuation etc. Check what you need. Sometimes, some agencies offer multiple options in a single package. Now, that’s a bonus.

Don’t go for double insurance: If you think doing two or three travel insurance policies will give you double or thrice return on your loss, then rethink about it. It would only cost you thrice and make claiming procedure hazardous.

Compare prices: Nothing is like price comparison while choosing the best travel insurance policy. After all, for this purpose, economists have fought against monopoly. Jokes apart, there are numerous sites offering insurance comparisons. Go and take a look.

It’s travel insurance or Medicare? Do your Medical insurance terms cover time spent overseas? There are a number of Medicare policies which cover medical issues while you are travelling abroad.

Check the timing policies: Different travel insurance policies need you to go for it in different times. Like some may be done one day before your journey, some requires your attention month before.

Check the exclusion list: Now, that’s the most horrific part of any insurance paper. So do not forget to check the exclusion list because after you come back from Caribbean island, you won’t like to see the name in the exclusion list.

Travel rewards cards are no good: You think your travel rewards cards will secure your trips abroad or you may get an edge while filing an insurance claim.

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