5 Best Photoshop Plugins for Noise Reduction


The noise and grain (of the film) have some resemblance, both are imperfections in the image and provide granularity. Surely you have experienced with your digital, and you already know that the higher the sensitivity, the higher the noise that permeates the picture. But there is an important difference between them (at least today), the grain is considered cosmetic, not noise. And until it does, we will have to “search for life” to reduce it in the best way possible. In this task we have at our disposal more and more programs to decrease but-as expected-not all do equally well.

Today we have to deal with the noise in our images when using high ISO, many of us suffer for it, and others want to use this to our advantage as an effect. Fortunately there are several plugins for Photoshop that can be of our help. We present to you the five most recommended.

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1. Noise Ninja

Noise Ninja is ranked highly by Photoshop users worldwide, it is a plug-in that is designed specifically to help photographers specializing in shooting situations with low light and fast action situations with high ISO for clear, sharp pictures in all resolutions.

2. Topaz DeNoise

Besides offering the standard in noise reduction for digital images of low light and high ISO sensitivity, Topaz DeNoise plug-in also offers unique features, including the ability to remove noise without resorting to techniques not so blur often leave subtle images with less detail. Another feature is the single parameter corrector Black Levels to restore shadow tones to their original sharpness blur of color.

3. NoiseWare

They claims to have the ability to process image files of eight megapixels in less than four seconds, the NoiseWare noise reduction is one of the fastest, making it especially attractive to photographers working with multiple images in one session.

4. Neat Image

A favorite plugin for years, the Neat Image plug-in Photoshop provides standard image features noise reduction with an added focus on the restoration of digital and scanned images are not well. If you have a bunch of old images that have been waiting to explore, there’s no better complement to eliminate film grain.

5. Sharp Labs Aura Refinement Filter

If you are an amateur or professional photographer, and if your destination is the landscape or the speed at sporting events, image noise gets in the slightest, even when not expected. Luckily there are a lot of nifty plugins like this, perfect to help in these situations. Get it here.

What Photoshop Plugin You Use?

We know that if you have patience, creativity and skill, Photoshop can do almost anything. Even where gaps may have with certain graphic design tasks, these are supplemented by plugins to meet these needs. So, above given are five best Photoshop plugins to improve your skills as a photo editor.

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