Who Is Your Target Customer? Let’s Find Out


The answer to this question is going to be different for every business owner. No company has the same customer base. Some are bigger than other businesses. Some have a niche demand to provide for. But, we do think this guide to find your target customer will match any business you’ve set up or are trying to establish. Once you find your target customer, you can shift the focus of your marketing campaign. Don’t forget; there’s no point marketing to people who are never going to be interested in buying your product. An example of this would be a luxury good like a Bentley. You don’t often see Bentley’s advised on cinema screens do you? That’s because producers know that the average cinema goer can’t afford this car. Instead, they orchestrate a specialized promotion for their target consumer.

Identifying Your Target Customer

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If you want to identify your target customer you’ve got to think about what your business is. What are you offering the buying public and who would it appeal to? For instance, you might be offering a blog design service. If that’s the case, you’ll appeal to small startup owners and momtrepreneurs. Perhaps you think that the product you sell has a massive commercial value. But don’t forget that doesn’t mean it will appeal to everyone. Ultimately, there’s going to be a wide population who simply won’t be interested. Look at it this way. The new Marvel movie is expected to open at over two hundred million in the next few weeks. While that might seem huge, it’s nothing compared to how many people aren’t going to watch it at all. There’s always a target market, no matter how great the demand.

Hitting The Mark

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Once you’ve assessed what your company has to offer you should have a good idea of who your target customer is. Specifically, their age range, their social lifestyle among other details. Now we have to think about how you’re going to hit that mark, and there are plenty of ways to do this. You can start off by thinking about consumer-targeted content.

Consumer-targeted content means creating content that is desirable or interesting to the consumer. In particular, your target customer. To do this, you need to create a story around your content that they find interesting. For instance, if you’re a locksmith you might write a piece about how to get into a car without a locksmith. This might sound counter-productive. But if you label this as “in the case of emergency” such as when a child is locked in the car, it’s still beneficial. You can write a piece of content interesting to the consumer that could go viral. At the same time, you’ll be advertising your business.

You can also consider the possibility of buying leads. There is an epic B2B leads marketplace online specifically for businesses catering to other companies. Don’t forget a company can still be a target customer and leads are the best way to find them.

These are just a few of the ways how you can find your target customer and hit the market. Remember, it’s all about focusing your marketing campaign. Once you know who you’re trying to catch, you can easily reel them in to make a sale.

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  1. Uncle Zuan says

    i’m everyday dealing with random customer. no targeted age, or lifestyle because i do telemarketing. got customers number. make a call, and close the customer.

    i think credit card is kinda easy product to sell, that is why i didnt have very specific targeted customer.

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