Top 5 iPhone Camera Applications You Should Not Miss


There is no second thought about the greatness of iPhone camera and its mesmerizing quality. So you don’t have a choice but being a good photographer. But what’s in iPhone photography if you don’t have the best apps downloaded and running on your device? After all, the apps give the finishing touch to our photographic excellence and help us fetches innumerable ‘likes’ and ‘repins.’ With such applications you hardly need a DSLR to gain accolades from friends on social networks.

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Here are the top 5 iPhone camera applications which you should not miss. After all, we cannot afford to compromise with our photographic reputation.

Top 5 Iphone Camera Applications


Instagram – Free for All

Instagram: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are literally flooded with Instagram photos. Hence it tops the chart of must-have iPhone camera applications for its amazing filters and effects. Take a snap, edit it with custom filters and borders, use the tilt-shift-blur effect and bring that added dimension to your picture. Once you have that amazing snap, share it with your networks instantly. You also have the option of focusing, zooming and using iPhone 4 LED flash just by tapping. The best part, Instagram is free for all. 


Camera+ The Ultimate Photo App

Camera+: Camera+ is like the all rounder iPhone camera application which offers a range of shooting features to the users. From image stabilization to continuous fill lighting, this app can do wonder. You can also use its added 6x zooming option for a better view of the object or set the timer when you can’t find a better photographer around. Once you are done snapping, explore its editing tools and your mouth will definitely fall open seeing its awesomeness. Moreover, its focus control, exposure control, FX effects, clarity options are more than enough to make your day. You can download it for just $0.99.

360 Panorama

360 Panorama – Realtime Panorama Creation

360 Panorama: We all are in love with those panoramic views of wide open fields, never-ending horizon or the coastline or may be the total mountain range. So you must have at least one app in your list of top 5 iPhone camera applications which will quench your thirst of capturing the panorama. 360 Panorama is the best application which will let you do the work without bothering about the syncing task. As you progress panning the camera horizontally, it will keep stitching the pieces together to create the perfect output. It also lets you share your snaps with your Facebook and Twitter within seconds. It also costs $0.99.


ProCamera – Turn your iPhone into a powerful digital camera

ProCamera: If you are not a novice in photography than this one of the best iPhone camera applications for you. As its name shows, ProCamera is for advanced photographers. Its anti-shake option is for those who can’t ever manage their nervousness creating hindrance in taking a stable shot. Also, the timer, grid, video shooting along with auto horizontal calibration make shooting fun. You can also enjoy full resolution even while zooming. Buy this iPhone camera app for $3.99.

QuickPix - Top 5 Iphone Camera Applications You Should Not Miss

QuickPix – One of The Best Camera Applications

Quickpix: Another popular iPhone camera applications; Quickpix features built-in zoom, supports iPhone LED flash and allows simultaneous video and still shooting. So if you are capturing a wedding, you don’t have to worry about shooing the still pictures while doing the video recording. This app costs just $1.99.

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