Top 5 Data Storage or Cloud Storage Apps for Your Android Smartphone


Are you one of them who think that the online cloud storage apps are not at all useful? Do you think that only “SD card” is enough to keep your data safe? Well, what if you want to access particular file and it is available on your computer and you’re not at home? The simplest answer would be; you’ll ask someone to send the file to you via email. But what if there is no one at home?

The most preferable solution to this kind of problem could be cloud storage. All you’ve to do is upload your file to the cloud storage and boom! You’ve the file wherever you go. There are bunch of cloud storage providers who are providing this service freely with limited storage space.


Top Data Storage Apps for Your Android Smartphone

Let’s take a look at some of those cloud storage providers and their apps. If you have any other suggestion let us know in comment section below.




Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage app which is available on various platforms. The basic free plan gives you 2GB of free storage and frankly speaking it is enough to store your important files. It has been packed one of the most useful features called auto synching photos. This feature uploads your camera photos directly in your dropbox. Interestingly, one can also save email attachments in dropbox.

Dropbox article: Read this article for more info about Dropbox.



Box is another cloud storage app/website/service which offers 5 GB of free cloud storage. With, one can easily share files with the office co-workers, colleagues or friends.  All your presentation and important documents are available at the tip of your fingers. The app lets you access, edit, share and manage your files from within the android smartphone or tablet. You can also secure the content by locking down the files with passwords. Additionally, you can save the files in external SD card for offline use. The built in search function lets you find right files in right time.


Google Drive

Google Drive App

Google has recently launched its own cloud storage service which replaced Google docs. With Google Drive, you can easily edit all your documents and save them at one secure location. The Android app of the Google Drive lets you enjoy all the features which are present on the website. You can easily share the files with multiple contacts. In fact, the inbuilt engine allows you to create word documents, excel sheets right from the app. Get Google Drive app here.

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SkyDrive - Top 5 Data Storage or Cloud Storage Apps

If Google can have its own cloud storage, how Microsoft can keep silent. The SkyDrive app from Microsoft lets you store all your files on their server. This definitely makes them available across various devices. Although there are some improvements that are needed from Microsoft, the app is really cool and features metro style UI. With SkyDrive, you can easily delete or create new folders, share your files and photos.



OpenDrive for Android

OpenDrive is another cloud storage service provider which offers 5 GB of free storage to store your files online. It helps you view, share and collaborate your documents with different users. OpenDrive is not so popular but minimal Android cloud storage app which syncs your data with website and app seamlessly.

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