Tips to Add a Professional Touch to Your eCommerce Website


eCommerce has evolved to become a key component of every business, and today is one of the most convenient ways for customers to buy services and goods online.  From reducing the cost of the transaction to enhancing security, eCommerce offers a number of benefits to its customers.

Global e-commerce sales have reached nearly $1.1 trillion in the year 2012, up 21.9 percent from $893 billion in 2011, according to a study made by digital marketing research firm eMarketer.  The firm has forecasted that world-wide sales through e-commerce will grow 19.3 percent over the year to reach $1.3 trillion.  As more devices are being used now to access the internet, people are accessing a number of platforms to help their purchase decision.  Yes, it makes sense to give a professional touch in developing your website and reach a huge number of customers effectively.  Here are some things that you should understand when it comes to creating a great eCommerce site.

Add a Professional Touch to Your eCommerce Website

User Friendly Interactive Designs and Engaging Content

User-friendliness and price of the product are the two important decisive factors for online stores.  You should make the site as simple as possible with a pleasant layout for your customer to access the information and order the products.  Follow these key requirements to give a professional edge to your eCommerce website. Remember, content is the king.  It is important to have up-to-date and resourceful content. For one, you can ensure a clear navigation and quick product search.

Security and Trust

Pricing of the product is indeed an important factor, but user friendliness and trust to buy the products is the most important factors in making your eCommerce business successful.  Providing the proper security to the site and adding transparency to your information can create a sense of trust in your prospective customers and helps in building a profitable and long-term relationship.  Consider some basic rules to make your site secure. For one, offer an SSL or Safebuy store certification and include a guarantee and a warranty. A wide range of secure payments should be included in the site. Remember, feedback should be an integral part of the buying process.

Marketing the Products

An effective marketing of your eCommerce site is the key factor for its success.  Promote your site with an appropriate marketing budget and integrate it into the World Wide Web so that the customers can find your site quickly. Remember to make use of the direct path to search your customer base by utilizing the search engine marketing. While interacting with your prospective customers, use newsletters, email marketing, and coupons extensively. Do not forget to add up special offers and discounts. This is important to develop a long-term customer relationship.

Customer Feedback

The technique of knowing how to make a one-time customer a loyal customer is an important factor in developing a successful business site.  The important factor is to keep the customer satisfied after the purchase with a provision to provide after-sales services and make them come back to your site for frequent purchases.  Delivering on your promises ensures that a one-time customer will become a loyal patron.  As a seller, you need to offer fast delivery and prompt order confirmation. It is important to maintain active complaint management, and periodic customer surveys should be conducted.

Place the customer and his needs and wishes on the center of designing your website along with concentrating on ease of navigation, legibility, and accessibility, to design a professional and successful e-commerce website. Even if you are looking to make a transition between platforms, you need to keep these factors in mind.

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