The Different Types of Nonprofit Organisations You Could Start


There are many different types of organisation in the nonprofit sector. If you’re thinking about setting up an organisation in this sector, you need to know what the options are.  Being fully informed before you make any steps towards starting a nonprofit is essential. So, learn more about each type of nonprofit below.

Social Advocacy Groups

Social advocacy groups campaign to the raise awareness of a particular issue. There are many different types of social advocacy group out there. Some of them aim to raise awareness of a particular medical condition and others promote a certain set of beliefs. There are also many social advocacy groups that campaign on environmental issues that are very important today. In truth, a social advocacy group can campaign on whatever grounds relating to whatever issues they like. It’s up to the person or people who set up the group to decide that for themselves.

Public Charities

Most nonprofits that are in existence today are public charities. Each charity has its own particular focus and niche. It then aims to raise as much money as possible via different fundraising channels. They might own shops, hold fundraising events and campaign for public donations. There are many ways in which charities can raise funds. And these days, the internet has a big role to play for charities too. They can build their social media presence and let it help them to spread the word about their latest appeal.

The Different Types of Nonprofit Organisations You Could StartImage Source

Religious Organisations

Setting up a religious organisation can mean many things. It can mean established a church or it could mean starting an organisation that builds awareness of religion. Many of the latter aim to build bridges in communities between different faiths. If you do start a new church, it will mean having to invest heavily to get it started. From the building to the church seats, everything costs money. It’s also difficult to build up a following, but it can still be a good move if it’s something you’re passionate about.

Trade Organisations

Trade organisations and unions are also run on a nonprofit basis. They aim to give collective power to people in a particular line of work. If you work in a sector where there is little union activity, that might be because there isn’t an organisation that covers your type of work. Many people then go about establishing their own and recruiting new members. Unions can also offer training and other forms of support to members, and membership fees can be used to fund this.


The task of a foundation is to offer funding to other organisations and associations. They focus on channeling money towards specific types of charity, keeping them afloat and sustainable. They can also help to fund other programs in a community. They are often set up by families with the aim of helping a particular cause across a number of different fronts. It can help numerous charities and sponsor particular programs at the same time. They often have a regional or local focus.

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